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Living in Benoni, South Africa:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

11 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Benoni, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 11 people living in Benoni what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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11 comments on “Benoni”

Benoni offers leafy green suburbs as well as agricultural holdings outside of the hustle and bustle of JHB. Not much to do in terms of recreational activities. Weekends are quite boring leaving you looking forward to Monday so that you can go to work again.

Travis, says: 2024

My city is very beautiful and has a lot of greenery. However, the area is also crime-ridden and can be very dangerous if not cautious of one’s surroundings. There are many shopping centres in the area. There are a lot of foreigners and they sometimes confront strangers. One needs to ensure that they are always in a crowd of people to remain safe.

Aphelele, says: 2020

Residing in our city is more than just finding a place to stay in, but it is more of living in a space of Comfortability and being certain that you are safe. Going beyond that, the is so much peace and harmony which makes everyone feel at ease with being who they are without worrying about what others would say.

Reunert, says: 2020

It is well known for being the ‘jewel of the East Rand’ because of its many dams which reflect sunlight, making it seem like it has jewels that sparkle from a view above when flying over the town. The name means ‘Son of my Sorrow’. The town is very close to the main international airport in South Africa.

Karabo, says: 2020

Benoni is close to motorways and O. R. Tambo airport. There are excellent public and private schools for those with children. Close to both Pretoria and Johannesburg, cultural and work prospects are within an hour drive. The city is on the Highveld but there is easy access to game reserves with the sea being around six hours drive or a one hour flight from O. R. Tambo airport.

Karabo, says: 2020

We have a lot of schools and shopping malls within a walking distance, and we also our own police station. Our city is very safe. A person who stays there can actually walk to most places, no car needed. I like that shops that sell food are everywhere.

Sinegugu, says: 2020

Benoni is a vibrant, bustling city with friendly people in abundance. The city has much to offer: from sporting facilities to cultural events; from massive supermarkets to local bakeries; from thriving, public high schools with 1,000s of students to increasingly popular, independent home schools. The weather in this populous area is a real treat. Apart from the occasional hail storm and a couple of arctic weeks in winter, the sun can be expected to be out in full force.

Although a fairly small city, Benoni is a wonderful place. This city is home to some of the kindest and friendliest people. The city also has many interesting marketplaces, malls, and restaurants that a newcomer will love. For families who wish to move here, there are a plethora of jobs and some wonderful schools suitable for raising a family.

Sikanye, says: 2020

Benoni is a small town of about 25,000 inhabitants. It is close to Johannesburg in South Africa. Many people in Benoni commute to Johannesburg for work daily. The small town of Benoni offers many schools, shopping malls, a number of hospitals and other amenities that support a comfortable family life.

Nombulelo, says: 2020

The name Benoni means, “Son of my Sorrow”. This is a charming little city that is perfectly located, close to the airport and business activity hub. It also offers lakes, old school charm and great restaurants. It is one of those little cities that still has a suburban feel to it, a combination of charm and worldliness.

Nikita, says: 2020

Benoni has all around great weather and offers plenty of goods and services. It is widely known for the MTV inspired movie “Crazy Monkey: Straight Outta Benoni,” released internationally in 2005. People visiting the city have found the experience very overwhelming.

Sinethemba, says: 2020

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