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What are transportation options and challenges in Kitchener, Ontario?

two local experts

Are there taxis in Kitchener? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what two local experts had to say about transportation methods in Kitchener, Ontario.

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Kitchener experiences summer and winter to the fullest. Pack your full wardrobe if you plan on moving here. If you are flying in, you will have to go through Toronto or Hamilton. Kitcheners airport does not support many air companies. If you plan on moving to the Kitchener-Waterloo area, renting is a much cheaper option.

toluwalase, says: 2023

When moving to Kitchener, one should consider rush hour times during the commute, usually occurring between 9-5, Monday through Friday. Someone would also want to consider the rise in living costs, as the GTA expands, a vast majority of Toronto’s population have moved here. Thus, with population expansion, we see an economy boost in Kitchener, as the grand majority from Toronto are wealthy, and living costs are adjusted to accommodate the people of the majority.

Crixus, says: 2020
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