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How bad is traffic in Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental?

nine local experts

Nobody likes traffic. Not a single soul. Here's what nine local experts had to say about traffic in Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental. Perhaps you'll find some tips to avoid rush hour and some potholes.

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My city, Cagayan de Oro, is not as urbanized as Metro Manila nor as Cebu City. Even though that is the case, my city is also considered to be bustling and vibrant with lots of commerce, traffic, and leisure venues to occupy one’s time. This city is the gateway to the bountiful and beautiful island of Mindanao.

Rizalyn, says: 2020

My city is known as the city of golden friendship. It progressed this last few years and is becoming more and more like a metropolis. The requirements in order to move in our city is to be friendly as to hold the city’s motto. But, like many other modern cities, expect a traffic too when rush hours come.

Cagayan de Oro City is between the mountain ranges and a river that slices the whole topography. Experiencing traffic every night is not new. You can also visit plazas, gazebos, and malls to give yourself a break. Finally, you will witness historical and infamous jeepneys that have passengers with a smile on their faces, as we are the City of Golden Friendships.

In Cagayan de Oro City, one would need a high tolerance for traffic jams and crowded areas. Cagayan de Oro is quite crowded but is safe as long as luxury items such as jewelry and cellular phones are kept hidden when walking in crowded areas. The city also has a lot of parks available if ever a visitor would need to exercise or go for a stroll.

Cagayan de Oro is a safer place compared to Manila. Less traffic. Less hassle when traveling. If you’re a Christian, there’s plenty of Christian Churches in the area, you can ask around. There are also big malls you can visit and buy stuff that you want. The commodities here are cheaper than other cities as well. The weather is hot during sunny days, prepare yourself to sweat a lot. But I say Cagayan De Oro City is more peaceful and laid back when compared to other major cities in the country.

Despite the beautiful city, the streets are loaded with traffic and there is garbage everywhere. If you ever get lost, feel free to ask anyone for directions. Not only will they give you directions to your desired location, some might even show you the way themselves. If you are tight on money and have to save, there are eateries nearby that serve budget meals. Make sure you move in to a place with a lot of eateries.

Luchie, says: 2020

Should you move to my city, consider having a long stretch of patience as you will encounter heavy traffic in the area most especially during rush hours. If you will be working here, find a place to stay that is near or if possible, adjacent to your workplace to avoid such inconveniences.

Jovelyn, says: 2020

If someone wants to move to my city. be very patient about traffic. The city has many malls to go to. The people also speak Cebuano and not Tagalog. The community here is still a mix of culture from the South and from the North, but everybody still gets along; we have a very low crime rate compared to the National Capital.

Jasper, says: 2020

they must be fine with the sudden changes in weather. The weather here goes from sunny to rainy in a whim. Second, they must be able to tolerate the bad traffic. Finally, they have to learn a bit of Cebuano to get by, locals will appreciate the effort they put in learning our language.

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