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Mount Gilead
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Things To Do in Mount Gilead, Ohio

three local experts

Is Mount Gilead boring? Is it fun? How do people relax in their free time? From playing and watching live sports to listening to live music to volunteering, here's what three local experts had to say about things to do in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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Mt. Gilead, Ohio, has a mixture of country boys and city girls. The country boys love to go out hunting and riding dirtbikes. The city girls love to go down to Polaris Fashion Place and go shopping and get Chick-fil-a. It also has it vice versa. There are the city boys who love to go to Polaris Fashion Place and watch movies and meet new people and there are the country girls who are not afraid to get dirty. While the town is not very diverse, it has its own way of being unique.

Taylor, says: 2020

There are a lot of small businesses including a store specifically for selling old records. There is also another store that sells all old board games. These stores are not something you would see in a big city like Columbus. Another thing that makes Mt. Gilead, Ohio unique is the roundabout in the middle of the city. There is a monument in the middle of it of the Washington Monument. It is called the victory shaft. No one really understands why it is there. Mt. Gilead hasmore pizza places than fast food. There are only two (soon to be three) fast food restaurants: McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

Miranda, says: 2020

Everybody knows everybody. Everyone is somehow related to someone in the town. A lot of the students at Mt. Gilead High School are cousins as well. The town has a diverse group of people personality wise, weird small businesses, odd monuments that do not serve much of a purpose besides being annoying to drive around, lots of places to get pizza, and everyone knowing everyone.

Charlotte, says: 2020
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