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Things To Do in Mombasa

19 local experts

Is Mombasa boring? Is it fun? How do people relax in their free time? From playing and watching live sports to listening to live music to volunteering, here's what 19 local experts had to say about things to do in Mombasa.

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If you are moving to Mombasa you need to know there are nice beaches in Diani Ukunda which is a good place to relax during the holidays. There is a variety of traditional food in the area and you will actually enjoy visiting the place.

Nellyanne, says: 2023

Mombasa is a tourism-based city; it has a port and an International Airport.one of the main tourist attraction is the Fort Jesus which was built between 1593 and 1596. Mombasa also has a very wide culture based on the 43 tribes of Kenya. Another tourist attraction is the beaches and warm weather. It’s always warm in a Mombasa making it a perfect place to enjoy the holidays.

Timothy, says: 2020

Mombasa is on the coast of Kenya and its hot most time of the year. it’s also a tourism destination for many people around the Globe. its rich Swahili culture is the magnet of tourism in the region. its led by a Governor and his deputy. The city also has Fort Jesus which is said to have been built during the 1,500s by the Portuguese.

Marion, says: 2020

It is the second capital city of Kenya by some. It is also a major tourist attraction and it harbors a major port that connects Eastern Africa to the rest of the world. An international airport is also in here. Mombasa is a diverse city where people from all walks of life reside here.

The cost of living in my city is low. The city is filled with many entertainment places. There are beaches, swimming pools and various five-star hotels. Mombasa city is well known of its beautiful scenery since it is along the coast. It is the second most popular city in Kenya after Nairobi, the capital city.

Elisha, says: 2020

Mombasa County is in the coast of Kenya in Africa. It is a calm cool and the people are friendly and nice to one another. There are also beaches that one can visit to get to see the view of the Indian ocean and just to relax a little. There are a lot of tourist attractions that one can visit so one is never bored at any moment.

Duncan, says: 2020

Mombasa has one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya just ferry from the town center. It is the perfect vacation spot if you want to enjoy time far from the hustle and bustle of regular life. We also have a rich culture that is heavily influenced by Arab and Indian traders that came during the trade days. This unique mix of cultures has created a beautiful community with amazing food, clothes and a sense of comradery.

Gloria, says: 2020

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and the gateway to Kenya’s economy and to landlocked countries within East Africa. Mombasa is an island city that one can access using the Nyali bridge and Makupa causeway. Major economic activities of the city include port services and tourism related activities.

Darlene, says: 2020

Mombasa is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It gets very hot sometimes. It also has some interesting culture and the people over here are warm and welcoming. We have different historical sites and awesome tourist destinations. We also have exotic, mouth-watering, Swahili and Arab cuisine, a must try when you visit Mombasa.

Kennedy, says: 2020

There temperatures can get very high but the sandy beaches compliment that. Theft is also a big issue in Mombasa. The roads are not great so you need a USV if need be yo need a car. Nevertheless the food is great plus the people here are very welcoming. There a lot of recreational facilities like game packs and scuba diving.

A beautiful city rich with sandy coastal beaches and a great destination for tourists. It is known for its high diversity and a center for cultural diversity, giving opportunities to interact and learn from the different cultures. The beautiful beaches along the coast provide great views and thus acts as a great source of meditation.

Mombasa is a seaport town on the Kenyan coast, it frequently gets really hot and has a population of about 900,000 according to the 2009 census. In comparison, the city’s main religions are Islamic, Catholic and Hindu. Mombasa is a global cultural and economic centre, has an extra-large port and an international airport, and is an significant regional base for tourism.

Mombasa is a beautiful Kenyan city mixed filled with exotic and scenic attractions, fantastic activities and tropical ambience. Lapped by the Indian ocean it has an amazing shoreline with white sandy beaches stretched out from the south to the north coast. It also has lovely weather year-round. Traffic in Mombasa is not as hectic because getting by is easy with public transport. Its life is not expensive with houses being reasonable and affordable. It’s a cosmopolitan city with people from various tribes residing who are kind and hospitable.

Marcelline, says: 2020

Mombasa is a tourist attraction city. It has has a very wide variety of beauty. From its beaches, Fort Jesus, the ferry, and many other tourist attractions. Also, it has various cultures because there are many tribes. It has a matatu culture where the vehicles are graphically decorated and they are very attractive.

Mombasa is one of the cities in Kenya. It is at the coast and it’s very rich in culture. Mombasa is the main tourist destination in Kenya. Their main staple food is pilau and coconut beans. They have nine tribes who speaks almost the same language. Mombasa is a historical town too. If you come to Kenya don’t fail to visit Mombasa.

A city of nature. Its contains various tourism section such as beaches, wildlife services and many traditionals items at all. At the same time my is known as a big city by it self because many business are being operated within town centre. we usually welcoming all the visitors around the globe because my city doesn’t allow any kind racism or any different cases with visitors from other continents.

Charlotte, says: 2020

Mombasa is one of the major coastal cities in Kenya along the Indian Ocean. It is one of the oldest cities in Kenya and the second capital city after Nairobi. It is a hot city and has very good touring and historic sites including the great Fort Jesus. The city is known as the white and blue city in Kenya.

Martin, says: 2020

The best places to live, best restaurants, recreational facilities, social amenities ie hospitals, schools etc. The tourist attractions ie warmy beaches, culture, wildlife ie marine animals. The level of security is much important so as to live a peaceful life without any ambushes. One can also look at whether the locals there are warm and welcoming or hostile.

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya. Besides from being the second largest city, it also has the largest port in eastern Africa. It is a major tourist destination place, having white Sandy beaches and friendly locals. The heart of Mombasa is found in the exotic old town, among the narrow winding streets and Arab architecture, where we also find the famous historical site Fort Jesus. The air here is always heavy with the scent of Swahili spice.

Daniel, says: 2020
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