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Things To Do in Leeds, England

12 local experts

Is Leeds boring? Is it fun? How do people relax in their free time? From playing and watching live sports to listening to live music to volunteering, here's what 12 local experts had to say about things to do in Leeds, England.

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Leeds isn’t the most attractive city, however the community is coming together to improve it. They are building new shopping centres and stores in the city centre. They are also doing things in the less urban areas, such as building a nice garden area in Cross Flatts Park in Beeston.

Leeds is one of the largest cities in the UK but retains a friendly “small town” atmosphere. It is the biggest financial centre in the UK outside London and one of the biggest law centres so there are good employment opportunities The shopping centre is excellent and very compact. It has many cinemas and theatres and is the home of Opera North.

Catriona, says: 2020

Leeds is a lively, creative, and well-connected city. One can find a wide range of events happening on any night of the week, such as gigs, poetry readings, and inspiring talks. While it is a large, bustling city, there are plenty of green spaces to be discovered. The diverse range of independent restaurants, shops, bars, and markets create a city that is a delight.

Leeds has one of the biggest legal and financial hubs in the country, with many national and international firms staking a claim in this glorious city. It’s not all work, work, work though. After a long day and week in the office, one can relax, chill out and unwind in one of the many bars and restaurants within the city. Leeds really is a melting pot of culinary cuisines and delights, to suits everyone’s taste and budget. If it’s fine dining you’re after (at a fine price) The Man Behind The Curtain is the place, if it’s pub grub, take your pick, and if street food is calling you, head over to Trinity Kitchen to sample the interesting food carts that tend to change monthly.

Thomas, says: 2020

People from Yorkshire are very proud of their county. Secondly, they are even more proud of the part of the county they come from. Leeds is a great city for sports, food and music. The architecture is also interesting and varied, and there is a river, canal and lots of parks if you feel like taking a break from the urban environment.

Feruza, says: 2020

Leeds has a rich and fascinating history, having emerged as a central nexus in the textile trade during Britain’s Industrial Revolution. Among its other other accolades, Leeds has been described as the birthplace of film. The world’s first piece of moving film was captured in Leeds by Louis Le Prince in the year 1888. In contemporary times, Leeds flourished as a city of culture and its various venues, galleries and museums have fostered a thriving arts scene. Notable acts from the city include Kaiser Chiefs, Chumbawamba and Pulled Apart by Horses, to name but a few. Perhaps Leeds’ most charming attribute is the distinct spirit and approachable nature of its people, who take pride in their city.

Leeds is a thriving multicultural community, welcoming people of all races and from all walks of life. Its many architectural icons and shopping opportunities make it a tourism hotspot on par with the best in the UK. One of the highlights is Trinity Leeds: a semi-covered shopping centre which has over 100 shops, including fashion outlets, gadget shops and eateries.

Kathryn, says: 2020

Leeds is a vibrant city packed full with art, history and museums. Leeds is filled with many attractions including great shopping and dining experiences. The culture of the city offers people of all ages plenty of fun filled activities. you cannot come to Leeds without tasting the famous Yorkshire tea!

Barbara, says: 2020

Although Leeds is a major city in northern England, it always feels like the centre is very compacted and accessible. It must be less than a fifteen-minute walk to get from one side of the centre to the other. This also means that Leeds is a good place to come for shopping trips.

Katherine, says: 2020

Leeds is in West Yorkshire, a region of England. It is a bustling and vibrant city with a great shopping centre, plenty of restaurants and bars. The centre of the city is also just a short train ride from the beautiful Yorkshire dales where one can escape the busy city life for a quiet venture in the countryside.

Estelle, says: 2020

Before moving to Leeds, it is worth considering the surrounding countryside, too. While the city centre itself is pleasant enough, laying outside the walls there is an abundance of tourist hot-spots and areas of outstanding natural beauty. From the sprawling moors of Ilkley, Baildon, and Otley, to the creaking ruins of Kirkstall Abbey and York Minster, there are views and pews aplenty.

Leeds is one of the largest, yet greenest cities in the UK. The more desirable residential areas are found to the north of the city centre and are usually near large, public parks. If you have children of school age, it is important to check the latest OFSTED reports of the schools you are planning to live near. Transport links are also important; if you plan to work in the city centre, living near a train station would provide you with the quickest commute to work.

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