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Things To Do in Boston, Massachusetts

13 local experts

Is Boston boring? Is it fun? How do people relax in their free time? From playing and watching live sports to listening to live music to volunteering, here's what 13 local experts had to say about things to do in Boston, Massachusetts.

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A person considering moving to Boston should consider the type of neighborhood in which he or she wishes to reside. If the person is young and likes to visit bars and restaurants, he or she should consider moving to either the North End or South Boston. However, if the person has a bit more expendable income, the South End might be a better fit.

Nilasha, says: 2020

Those moving to Boston should know its citizens are fiercely proud of their city. Bostonians particularly take pride in their sports teams incredibly seriously, and seeing Bruins and Patriots jerseys as everyday wear is a common occurrence when walking the streets of the city. Cheering for a sports team that does not wave a Boston banner (or in the case of the Patriots, a New England one) will be cause for, at best, some light-hearted teasing or mockery.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the country. It is rich with history, just follow the freedom trail though the city to discover the foundation of America. Boston is multicultural and proud of its diversity. We are also home to some of the best sports teams in the country.

Boston streets are often difficult to navigate and one has a good chance of being pickpocketed. On the other hand, the attractions such as the aquarium are quite impressive and are a must-see for anyone stopping through the city.

Nicholas, says: 2020

Boston is on the East coast of North America. It is the state capital of Massachusetts. The city is approximately 220 miles from New York City. Boston is also home to many successful sporting teams such as, ‘The red socks’ Baseball team and ‘The Patriots’ Football team. Situated over the Charles river is the City of Cambridge, home to the prestigious Harvard University.

Boston is an amazing place if you are looking to involve yourself with the community. It has amazing views, multiple beaches, delicious seafood and friendly people. If you love baseball you are moving to the right city. Boston Red Sox games are always entertaining and you will be surrounded by an emotional crowd. The living costs can be expensive but the experience is priceless.

Jessica, says: 2020

Boston has the best universities in the world. It has one of the best health care services in the country. My city is also noted for one of the most important running events in the world which is the Boston marathon. My city is second to none when it comes to its heritage and hospitality.

Leticia, says: 2020

If you’re moving to Boston, I recommend living somewhere that does not require you to drive your car all the time. Streets here are very confusing to newbies, unlike a nice grid system of NYC, Boston has numerous curving one-ways and if you miss your turn, you might spend another 20 minutes trying to find your way back. The best ways of getting around Boston are walking, biking, or by public transportation.

Xavier, says: 2020

Boston is a compact, walkable city filled with attractions to suit many interests. Famous for its championship sports teams, the city is also home to a wide variety of cultural institutions such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Science. Boston has a young, vibrant feel as a result of being the home to many institutions of higher learning. To top it all off, it has a large number of wonderful restaurants in all price ranges and various ethnic tastes.

Elijah, says: 2020

The coastal city of Boston has a rich history. You’ll see many statues, monuments and brick homes that are still standing from the 1600s. There is great seafood in Boston, too. I recommend the lobster rolls and clam chowder. Housing is fairly expensive, though, so do your research before making any big decisions.

Boston is a large, vibrant city rich in history and culture. As the starting point of the American Revolution, its history is displayed prominently throughout the city. The city is also rich in sports and culture. Most notably it is the home of the Boston Red Sox and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Boston is a city on the eastern coast of Massachusetts. To visitors and residents alike, this metropolis is a hub of medical innovation. Home to several hospitals, the city is also renowned as a mecca to scholarship. Boston University and Northeastern lie within the city, and MIT and Harvard are in nearby Cambridge. The historical significance of “Beantown”, as it is sometimes called, marks the city as a tourist destination year-round. A newly expanded neighborhood, the Seaport, brings expanded entertainment and cultural opportunities to those seeking high-end bars and museum programming.

Boston is a vibrant and bustling city full of opportunity and people from all walks of life. There is a rich history in the birth of America here which can be enjoyed from various sites such as the Freedom Trail to the Sam Adams brewery. There is something for everyone in this city, from delicious food in the North End to the sports teams.

Erneisha, says: 2020
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