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What are the shopping options like in Surat, Gujarat?

seven local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what seven local experts had to say about shopping in Surat, Gujarat.

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Surat – the city of sun as it is called. Surat is very famous for its street food. It’s people are very easy going and they love to spend their time on weekends for outing and entertainment purposes. Surat is also one of the leading cities in the diamond and textile industry. You can find many different types of clothes and design in markets of Surat. It has many good colleges and educational institutions.

Shakoor, says: 2020

Surat, the city of sun, is famous for its diamond and textile business across the world. Anyone, who wants to purchase jewellery or Sarees must visit Surat for the same. Apart from this, Surat is also known for ‘Ficus religiosa’ also popularly known as Peepal tree which dates back thousands of years. It is said to have existed from the time of Mahabharata. Karna, from this mythology, is said to have burrows under this tree and thus the place holds a lot of sacred vibes.

Akshar, says: 2020

Anybody who visit my city should know that the Surat city is the city of Diamonds. Textile market of surat is one of the largest in the country. According to latest reports Surat is listed as Second cleanest city of India. Also it is the fastest growing city in the country.

Revuri, says: 2020

Surat is in south Gujarat. It is well known as the diamond city of the country. It is also famous for its textile market. Most people are wealthy businessman or textile workers. It is also the second cleanest city in the country. The city also has an international airport.

Ruhina, says: 2020

Surat is a diamond city and is famous for street food, cotton mills, and silk. It is one of the economic capitals of the country and has been listed among the cleanest cities in India. Due its location as coastal city and varieties of shopping markets, it is one of most visited cities, experiencing visitors from all around India.

Shilpi, says: 2020

There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind before moving to Surat.

Firstly, you must remember Surat is a business hub, textile industry and diamond being its two pillars. Naturally, it lacks the availability of corporate jobs. Thus, if you’re moving to the city to earn some bread, you should have a vision of setting up a new business in the aforesaid fields and scale up your skills accordingly.

Secondly, a majority of the population commonly speak Gujarati/Hindi. I recommend you get yourself a basic understanding of the languages to feel more comfortable.

As far as food is concerned, you will find a variety of cuisines in the city which will be a blessing to your taste buds. But one must also remember that non-vegetarian food isn’t produced and consumed much here and may not be easily available.

if you’re an alcohol-lover, this city might not the most perfect destination for you. Gujarat is a dry state and therefore there are no liquor shops nor do there exist any pubs/bars.

Weather here is quite pleasant throughout the year and therefore you need not worry about the same. It can get a little too hot during summers but I wouldn’t say that it’s unmanageable.

Unlike the metropolitan cities, traffic here is almost non-existent. Transportation facilities are comparatively cheaper as well.

Surat is beautiful and a lively city and if moving here won’t be a decision that you would regret.

Shivam, says: 2020

There isn’t a lot of sightseeing to do in Surat. There are a bunch of upcoming malls and eateries lining up on every corner. But the eateries certainly offer delectable food, and are the essence of this city when it comes to satisfying those hunger pangs.

Akshay, says: 2020
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