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What are the most common languages spoken in Surat, Gujarat?

five local experts

Are residents of Surat typically multilingual? What languages are most common? Here's what five local experts had to say about language in Surat, Gujarat.

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The town is famed for its material and diamond businesses. According to an estimate, three-quarters of the world’s diamonds are reduced and polished in Surat. Diwali, Makar Sankranti, and Ganesh Chaturthi are the most celebrated festivals. Surat has a wide variety of academic establishments which includes faculties and colleges. Most of the faculties have Gujarati language as the medium of education.

Swathi, says: 2020

A person willing to move to my city must have a good command of languages used locally. Languages spoken here include Gujarati, Hindi and English. The person should have mobile phone with internet connection. It would be great for navigation purpose. A guide should be hired. Person must have Indian currency in hand.

Prabhat, says: 2020

Know how to speak and write in Gujarati. Although the town is filled with many native and non-native residents but shopkeepers and local people still rely on speaking their native language only. The food here is great, you can get a great deal on food choices and plus the food is affordable.

Aditya, says: 2020

know Gujarati/Hindi language proper for communicating with localities. If he/she coming her for business purpose then he/she must have knowledge about what type of business is best in city. My city is popularly known as ‘Diamond City’ and Surat is biggest textile manufacturing hub.

Deepika, says: 2020

There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind before moving to Surat.

Firstly, you must remember Surat is a business hub, textile industry and diamond being its two pillars. Naturally, it lacks the availability of corporate jobs. Thus, if you’re moving to the city to earn some bread, you should have a vision of setting up a new business in the aforesaid fields and scale up your skills accordingly.

Secondly, a majority of the population commonly speak Gujarati/Hindi. I recommend you get yourself a basic understanding of the languages to feel more comfortable.

As far as food is concerned, you will find a variety of cuisines in the city which will be a blessing to your taste buds. But one must also remember that non-vegetarian food isn’t produced and consumed much here and may not be easily available.

if you’re an alcohol-lover, this city might not the most perfect destination for you. Gujarat is a dry state and therefore there are no liquor shops nor do there exist any pubs/bars.

Weather here is quite pleasant throughout the year and therefore you need not worry about the same. It can get a little too hot during summers but I wouldn’t say that it’s unmanageable.

Unlike the metropolitan cities, traffic here is almost non-existent. Transportation facilities are comparatively cheaper as well.

Surat is beautiful and a lively city and if moving here won’t be a decision that you would regret.

Shivam, says: 2020
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