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Banking and Finance in Surat, Gujarat: What do you need to know?

four local experts

From retail banking to investing, here's what four local experts had to say about finance in Surat, Gujarat.

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Surat is a beautiful city situated on the banks of river Tapi in the south of Gujarat. The atmosphere in the city is moderate. If you belong to some Metropolitan city then you might face difficulties settling here. Transportation facilities available here include Auto-rickshaws, BRT Buses, City Buses, etc. The city is ranked four in the list of cleanest cities of India.

Adarsh, says: 2020

A person willing to move to my city must have a good command of languages used locally. Languages spoken here include Gujarati, Hindi and English. The person should have mobile phone with internet connection. It would be great for navigation purpose. A guide should be hired. Person must have Indian currency in hand.

Prabhat, says: 2020

It is famous for textile and it is known as diamond city. That person will get all delicious food there and a person will able to enjoy his life freely. And that person will also get everything in his budget. That person will also get good opportunities here for the business.

Sushmitha, says: 2020

Surat is Smart city. Many people move here because every person of any age gets a job in the diamond or textile industries, etc. Also, the cost of living per person is very low compared to other smart cities. One of Surat’s best qualities is free education in government schools and many government schemes for health and financial help for middle class and poor people.

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