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What are the shopping options like in Santo Tomas City, Batangas?

five local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what five local experts had to say about shopping in Santo Tomas City, Batangas.

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As a former municipality, Sto. Tomas city offers a variety of landmarks and infrastructure a town could have. It has places where you can feel the vibes of living in an urban area while still having that taste of fresh air. Despite being a new city, many businesses are coming to our town to present their products for people are just starting to get a glance of an advanced lifestyle. Hospitals, supermarkets, and other stores are just around the corner and provides convenience among the citizen of Sto. Tomas. It is definitely one of the best cities to live in the Philippines.

Gavter, says: 2020

There are several dining areas available 24/7 in Sto. Tomas city. Several subdivisions could also be cited and are available to live on. marketplaces are also accessible, readily. Big supermarkets and malls are also accessible through public transportation. People are friendly and accommodating. Schools for kids and college students are affordable.

Basic necessities are almost found in here. Everything is in here, schools, banks, church everyone looking for. The housing cost in here is not so expensive. There were lots of restaurant. The employment market is so wide, there were also lots of companies for those looking for a job. You can discover that life here is easy.

If someone is to visit Batangas, they should try our “Kapeng Barako”. It’s a type of coffee that is widely grown in the province of Batangas. It has a strong bitter taste that coffee enthusiasts will absolutely enjoy. They can also purchase it in the local markets so that they can bring it home to their loved ones.

Sophie, says: 2020

Sto. Tomas city is a great place as it has all the possible things you want your city to have: helpful public officials, tourist spots, warming atmosphere and more. This city also has a marketplace and event center that can satisfy your fashion and eating fantasies. You are also safe here because of the security that the police department initiates in this area.

Meriam, says: 2020
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