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What are the shopping options like in Lucena City, Quezon?

ten local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what ten local experts had to say about shopping in Lucena City, Quezon.

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Lucena City is known for its delicacies such as Chami and smoked fish. In our city, you can also find malls like SM and Pacific Mall. Our city is the capital of Quezon Province that’s why many establishments can be found here. We are also known for holding festivals like Pasayahan sa Lucena and Niyogyugan Festival.

The city is coconut city, as the term implies, it’s known for growing coconuts. It offers products that can be derived from that fruit. Its festival is also a coconut themed one. The city is small but quaint. Its street is not teemed with heavy traffic. Living in the city is nice if one prefers a quiet and simple life, far from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Christine, says: 2020

Lucena City is the capital of Quezon Province. We celebrate the Niyogyugan Festival yearly. All the 39 provinces of Quezon fill the capitol grounds and sell their coconut products. Being an urban city, we have lots of tourist attraction inside and outside of the city. Lucena City is full of city lights that everyone can enjoy.

Jerald, says: 2020

Someone moving to Lucena City must know that this is a highly urbanized city. As the capital of the province, Lucena is home of different government agencies, shopping centers, food establishments, and other businesses. Thus, it should be expected that cost of living will be higher than the surrounding municipalities.

To anyone who would like to visit our city, he/she should consider visiting our Festival during May which is the Pasayahan sa Lucena. This said festival showcases the delicacies and cultures of every municipality in Quezon province that attracts a lot of tourist around the world. Another consideration one can have is strolling our City Public Park which offers a relaxing scene of a green ground and clean garden where children can play and have fun. The city also is filled with good restaurants where delightful food can readily be tasted. And the city also has three huge malls where people can have their leisure and enjoy shopping.

Quennie, says: 2020

Lucena is the capital of Quezon. It’s location is very good since it is in the center of the province. It is one of the highly urbanized places in the province. Like most cities, almost all important establishments are present here like banks, malls, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, etc. One of the things that make this city attractive is its Festivals like Pasayahan and Niyogyugan.

Lucena City is the capital of Quezon Province, it has a lot of festivals that tourists look forward to yearly. The town is most famous for its ‘Pasayahan Festival’ yearly on May. Aside from festivals, there’s also a lot of recreational places like malls, parks and restaurants. The city also serves as an entry way to some of the province’s wonderful tourist attraction.

Dionalyn, says: 2020

Lucena City is one of the bet cities in Quezon province. Lucena City is the heart of Quezon. It is the most organized and clean cities I’ve seen. In Lucena City, you will feel the warmth and comfort of your hoe. It may be noisy, but it is fun. The price of needs are affordable and reasonable.

Lucena City is a convenient place. If you are worrying about purchasing something unusual, but the likelihood of the availability of the product is low, worry no less! For the place has different internationally known stores that sells essential products that you need. And if you are a senior citizen or a person with disability, your privileges are recognised here! I guarantee you, that this place is very safe and clean too, since the local government unit of Lucena, currently implemented policies concerning the cleanliness of the city and security is ensured because of the police outposts scattered within the vicinity.

Aprilyn, says: 2020

I am from Lucena, City Quezon. You should consider moving to our city because of its festivals from which the city gathers different classes of foods and cultures coming from other cities and barrios. We also have a government hospital and private hospitals and malls that you can go along.

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