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Safety and Crime in Karachi

15 local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 15 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Karachi.

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If you’re planning to visit or move to Karachi, you’ll need Careem first which is an application that provides car services here. If you’ve managed to take care of your transport, you can download Foodpanda App to put an end to your hunger. Moreover, you need to take proper safety precautions while going outside at night. Keep your belongings in a secure place & avoid taking all the money with you. The best part is you’ll love the desi food here, such as biryani, nihari, paye, & more. But don’t overload your tummy. Also, you can explore places like TDF ghar, Expo center, Kemari, Do darya, and Bahadurabad to connect more with the city. For a long drive, you can visit Bahria Town which is close to Karachi & is a beautiful place. Enjoy your stay & make sure to take help from a native if you feel like you’re lost here as Karachiites are very welcoming people. Happy Travels!

Shafaq, says: 2023

My city is greatly known for its beautiful beach. The best area for residing is Defence. It’s very clean and decent. Karachi has great food varieties. The best eateries are located near the Defence location. Many different religions live in harmony in this city. The law and order situation of this city is very well handled. It comprises of civilized citizens.

People are usually hospitable here. It’s a metropolitan city and different communities live in harmony and peace. However, traffic jams are very common due to poor infrastructure of the city. Also, street crimes occur every once in a while but generally it’s a peaceful city. Some people call it Newyork of Pakistan.

If you’re moving here alone then you should scope out the area you want to live for jobs, housing, education and crime rate as it’s for someone to live alone. You should also choose some place where it’s close to you’re friends and family as it’s good to have help around.

Wajiha, says: 2020

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. It is the city of lights. Life in Karachi is quite wonderful and easy because of endless food streets which contains the most delicious street food that you must try if you ever come across this beautiful city. The security issues are not there. The feasibility of markets, shopping malls and parks make it very easy to live here. If you are moving to Karachi; that would prove to be a good decision.

Hassan, says: 2020

City of Karachi is not that unsafe as everyone thinks about it. There is unemployment but at the same time there are lot of jobs for everyone. People belonging to all communities live here. Everyone can adjust here accordingly. Anyone can start a business with minimal investment. There are lot of frauds in the market so one should think thoroughly before trusting someone.

Tassawar, says: 2020

There are many crime rates like mobile snatching, target killing, honour killings etc. Karachi is highly populated city as there are people from all over Pakistan. So, you can expect to have Pakhtoons, Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis as your neighbors. Karachi is a city of lights so many people are awake all the night.

Muhammad, says: 2020

The city is lacking of many tourist attractions, but the malls and natural parks suffice. Not every outdoor food joint is healthy. Street crimes are not that regular, but some areas are to be avoided after dark. Internet facilities are very efficient around the city at all times. It gets pretty warm in summers, so one should be well-equipped with a decent air-conditioning unit.

Karachi is a very densely populated city, most of the areas here are very crowded, however on the bright side it is very lively to live in Karachi as even till two in the morning people are out for tea and other kinds of activities. Many people here are also jobless which is why the law and order here is no so stable so, there is a high likeliness of you to get mugged.

Shafaq, says: 2020

A house is very difficult to find in Karachi for rent. However, for unmarried people there are many hostels that are cheap and secure. On the other hand for families, rental flats may be a good choice in terms of security. But no one can guarantee the fitness of those flats because most buildings in the city are already outdated.

When moving here, the future inhabitant should know that the crime rates are high, the heat and humidity is intolerable and traffic jams are horrible. Yet what makes this city livable and likeable are the welcoming people and the lively environment. It’s almost as if the city never sleeps.

Zarnab, says: 2020

Karachi is the most cosmopolitan city of Pakistan with diverse cultures, languages and religions. It is categorized as a global city and is the country’s economic and industrial hub. The city’s main inspiration is that it has multiple business and earning opportunities. It also has many educational universities, emergency hospitals, entertainment places and shopping malls which make this city an ideal place.

Moving to Karachi is going to be an experience like none other. With a contrast of wonderful, jaw dropping landmarks, including beaches, and slums and barren parks, anyone moving to this city is in for multiple surprises. Things sometimes get deadly here. However, with recent improvements in security arrangements, things have a whole lot better.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Karachi is a good place. Although it’s rumoured to be a city where crime takes place, there are many parts of the city which are safe and very peaceful as well. Usually when driving you should take extra care since most people drive recklessly. And the more you remain home the safer you are.

Muhammad, says: 2020

It is important to understand how traffic works in Karachi, especially if they are going to be driving. There are clear traffic rules and while it may seem that nobody really follows them, my advice would be to strictly adhere to traffic rules for the sake of your own safety, and not get influenced by the rash driving of others on the road.

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