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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Karachi, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 136 people living in Karachi what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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• If someone is moving to Karachi nowadays, I would advise them to use electricity with precautions because electricity bill rates are high nowadays.
• In Karachi, there are many varieties of delicious foods available.
• There are various types of markets in which different things like clothing brands are present with affordable prices.
• Be cautious when walking on the streets because the snatching rates are increasing in Karachi day by day.

Saeeda, says: 2023

If you’re planning to visit or move to Karachi, you’ll need Careem first which is an application that provides car services here. If you’ve managed to take care of your transport, you can download Foodpanda App to put an end to your hunger. Moreover, you need to take proper safety precautions while going outside at night. Keep your belongings in a secure place & avoid taking all the money with you. The best part is you’ll love the desi food here, such as biryani, nihari, paye, & more. But don’t overload your tummy. Also, you can explore places like TDF ghar, Expo center, Kemari, Do darya, and Bahadurabad to connect more with the city. For a long drive, you can visit Bahria Town which is close to Karachi & is a beautiful place. Enjoy your stay & make sure to take help from a native if you feel like you’re lost here as Karachiites are very welcoming people. Happy Travels!

Shafaq, says: 2023

Karachi is the City of Lights. The culture is really diverse here and is good for doing business. I’d guess 80 percent of the population is middle class and the rest are people with high business standards.

Tabinda, says: 2020

My city is greatly known for its beautiful beach. The best area for residing is Defence. It’s very clean and decent. Karachi has great food varieties. The best eateries are located near the Defence location. Many different religions live in harmony in this city. The law and order situation of this city is very well handled. It comprises of civilized citizens.

Anyone moving to my city must know that it is a metropolitan city. The people are very hospitable but there’s a lot to worry about the increasing traffic and fresh water availability issues. Also one should also look for your food preferences. However, there’s plenty of options available but still somebody who’s new to the city may find a little difficulty in adjusting to our high spiced food and busy roads!

People are usually hospitable here. It’s a metropolitan city and different communities live in harmony and peace. However, traffic jams are very common due to poor infrastructure of the city. Also, street crimes occur every once in a while but generally it’s a peaceful city. Some people call it Newyork of Pakistan.

It’s a trading Centre of Pakistan. It’s a backbone of Pakistan. Here are many jobs available. People do come here from villages and from other cities to work. It has beautiful beaches. Here are many famous restaurants. It’s very famous for biriyani food. International cricket players love to eat Desi food here! And some the international bloggers also praised my city!

Karachi is well-reputed for its hospitality and on many occasions has been called the city that never sleeps. Being the largest city of Pakistan, it celebrates a variety of tourist spots and the beach. If you were to visit, I could recommend a handful of places such as Turtle Beach, Port Grand, Lucky One and various museums and amusement parks. It holds a rich, cultural and religious background too.

Shafaq, says: 2020

The city is in no way suitable for humans to inhabit. In due time, I hope, when the people in power have exhausted every last ounce of the city’s resources for their own gain, the focus can then shift towards making the place live up to its name: the economic hub of Pakistan.

Expert, says: 2020

Karachi is in Sindh, Pakistan. It is called the City Of Lights and it is the biggest city after the capital of Pakistan, which is Islamabad. This city never sleeps. The food is amazing there. And, the people of Karachi are the most generous. Their hospitality is famous. It also has many beaches.

Saadia, says: 2020

HI, city Karachi is a business city from where many people are working. it is not a residential area. Islamabad is a good city and good for residence. It is good for people who love to live between buildings and are capable of living there. Food Lovers also have this city as their favourite spot.

The person moving to my city should consider that Karachi being one of the biggest cities in the world and the biggest city in the country is densely populated and however it doesn’t snow here but we have a beautiful sea and there are many good resources here except that there is a lot of population.

Karachi is the biggest metropolitan city of Pakistan. With a population of 20 million sprawling over the entire city, one can easily predict the problems faced by its inhabitants. The prominent problems faced are shortage of electricity, clean water and proper sanitation. One needs to consider all these when moving to Karachi. Despite, it’s problems, the city offers multiple opportunities for everyone to start a new life. Also the people here are very hospitable.

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan, also known as the city of lights. It is the backbone of the country’s economy. In Karachi, there is the potential of starting a business in various fields effectively. The residential cost is also quite affordable. it has a lot of beautiful and historical places to visit in leisure time. The weather of Karachi is also enjoyable which also brings comfort in life.

Sughra, says: 2020

Karachi is known as the city of lights, due to the fact that it’s a progressive city and it never sleeps. We have the most kind-hearted people, but very less tourists destinations. Our city is multicultural, We have the most elite of places and also slums, that’s what makes this cit city unique.

Muzammil, says: 2020

Karachi is the city of lights. There is a huge scope of business here because of the major industries working in. The city is so peaceful having good people. Anyone who is thinking to move here, will be taking a good decision to move in a right place.

Mahwash, says: 2020

It’s called the city of lights for a reason; Karachi is famous for its nightlife since the beginning of times. The food here is extraordinarily good, your tastebuds will have the time of their lives. It’s a coastal region, you get to enjoy the ocean as well!

Karachi is called the city of lights. And not just called, it really is and it shows. When flying over the city, you will always see lights. It never sleeps. Roads are always bustling with traffic, all the parks and malls and recreational places are always full. You never get bored. There is always someplace to go, something to do.

It’s a haphazard and sprawling city (one of the largest in the world), with twisting roads and streets making it very confusing. People new to the city may get easily lost in the numerous bazaars, apartment complexes and residential areas. In fact, Karachi is so confusing there are times when even online maps are inaccurate.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Karachi is a metropolitan city, which is also the ninth largest in the world. If someone enjoys peace and a quite place, they should reconsider. But if you are a foodie who loves the thought of being able to party at any time of the day, you’ll love “Desi New York”.

The first thing that a person moving to Karachi should keep in mind is that traffic here is unbearable. You get stuck in traffic for hours sometimes, so it takes a lot of time to reach your destination. If you’re visiting Karachi, don’t forget to enjoy food from local stalls. There are so many stalls in different locations of Karachi that offer a wide variety of snacks and they are extremely delicious and try-worthy.

He should know Urdu, through many people here know how to speak English. They should have a GPS with them for guidance as it is not wise to trust local taxis to drop them off somewhere without an exorbitant price.

it is the most populated city in Pakistan. traffic in Karachi is very busy. The services are good. There are some highly privileged areas and the low class people living. Karachi is known as the city of light as it is always busy. Karachi is the main city in which most of the businesses are.

If you’re moving here alone then you should scope out the area you want to live for jobs, housing, education and crime rate as it’s for someone to live alone. You should also choose some place where it’s close to you’re friends and family as it’s good to have help around.

Wajiha, says: 2020

Karachi is a cosmopolitan city. It is The City of Lights because it never sleeps. The people here are lively, fun loving and a little crazy. The cuisines are full of variety, which caters the masses and the elites. Life is never boring here, it has a lot of places to visit including the beaches. If you want to visit my city please ensure that you stay at least for a week or else you’ll run short of time. And, don’t forget about the shopping spots and the variety of stuff available; you’ll surely be amazed.

Danish, says: 2020

Karachi is also known as the City of lights. It has a hot desert climate. Karachi has large number of shopping malls, airports, and parks. Food is just amazing. Karachi is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, having two ports: Bin Qasim port and Port of Karachi.

Demons, says: 2020

If anyone wants to move to Karachi, know bus routes and the timing of buses. Not to mention, Karachi is a city with spontaneous bus stops and you have to ask the conductor to stop the bus. If the driver is in hurry or is racing with another bus, he will not stop the bus at your desired location.

Rameen, says: 2020

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. It is the city of lights. Life in Karachi is quite wonderful and easy because of endless food streets which contains the most delicious street food that you must try if you ever come across this beautiful city. The security issues are not there. The feasibility of markets, shopping malls and parks make it very easy to live here. If you are moving to Karachi; that would prove to be a good decision.

Hassan, says: 2020

I’d say they would find culture an important of the city, with its historic architecture, spicy food and the vast amount of hospitality, they would feel right at home. The rain on the other hand might be a little of an issue but besides that, the beaches are a huge attraction.

Muhammad, says: 2020

The city is well known for its food and social life structure, yet the worst among them is the instability of electricity and some infrastructure issues which to be faced as usual. But specifically the cheapest city and numerous people around the globe still prefer to visit and resides here.

Karachi is a very busy place. You will find a great rush of people here and there. The streets are very busy full of shops and vendors. People sleep late at night. Here you will find people coming and going here and there. Karachi is called the city of light. There are lots of places.

City of Karachi is not that unsafe as everyone thinks about it. There is unemployment but at the same time there are lot of jobs for everyone. People belonging to all communities live here. Everyone can adjust here accordingly. Anyone can start a business with minimal investment. There are lot of frauds in the market so one should think thoroughly before trusting someone.

Tassawar, says: 2020

Consider the massive population and the expenses of the city. Karachi is a city that is hard to live in if you are not well off or well educated. There is a strong sense of class system over here. The upper and middle class are treated with respect while the lower class is most often trampled upon and not given the respect they deserve as a human being.

Karachi is a city full of all kinds of opportunities for entertainment and employment as well. The people here are from all kids of cultures, races, backgrounds, religions, ethnic backgrounds, etc. The food is the most amazing. There are so many kinds that you will find yourself craving really hard! Karachi is actually an all in one place which I am sure anyone will enjoy!

There is nothing much to know except that Karachi is a big city with lots of opportunities for each of its citizens. You can entertain yourself, find jobs, eat at the best restaurants. It is a complete, all in one city, with the best of all kinds of opportunities at your reach.

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is the capital of Sindh. There are many beautiful places in Karachi. Karachi is known as the city of lights. Mazar-e-Quaid is the place you must visit when you visit Karachi. The people of Karachi are very friendly and nice, you will meet the people of every caste in Karachi. The street food of Karachi is so delicious.

Our city is great for employment. You will find plenty of jobs here from upper level to lower level. as Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan so you will face difficulties in finding a place. we have some great food taste. Our speciality in food is Biryani!

Karachi is the most metropolitan and cosmopolitan city in Pakistan. It excels in every aspect of life (except health and sanitation in some areas) be it education, food, entertainment etc. However, one must keep in mind that road rage and traffic are major issues, and that the weather can get unbearably hot in summer!

Ibtihaj, says: 2020

Karachi consists of various cultures, ethnicities, and religions. One should be aware to not generalize the population otherwise will be offending. This city believes in give and take rule. Do not trust people with your stuff here easily. Living here is very expensive so be careful. People here often speaks more than one language.

Fatima, says: 2020

Karachi, Pakistan, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Pakistan. The modern city never fails to grasp the attention of foreigners. It as nightlife, people here more likely to spend their nights all awake. Those foreigners would love to visit Karachi can legally drive their vehicles here just by showing their driver’s license. The food here is so delicious and no other city matches the flavor of it. Once any foreigners visit here would likely to come again because of the hospitality of Karachi citizens.

Karachi is one of the cheapest cities of the world. It is home to a major chunk of the country’s total population. food eateries of my city are matchless. The people are generous and welcoming to the foreign tourists. The recent developmental projects in this city have made it one of the greenest cities of the world.

Sabeen, says: 2020

They need to follow traffic rules and being a good citizen who takes care of society and makes it clean and people coming from a crowded place they feel quite boring because there are not many social relationships with each other. people coming here have to bear it.

Rameen, says: 2020

Karachi is known as “The City of Lights”. It is densely populated and is a growing metropolitan. One of the largest cities of Pakistan, Karachi welcomes everyone with open hearts and open arms. Karachi is a bustling city, which has cheapest living rates among other South Asian cities. It is growing very fast and being a port city, new opportunities keep on rising every day.

Karachi is a densely populated city with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds living in the city. If someone moves to Karachi, then they should learn to adapt to a fast-paced lifestyle. Also, they should prepare themselves for living in a hot and humid climate. Rest, I am confident that one who chooses to live in Karachi will love its people and the food.

Karachi is special in many ways, my city is also famous as “lights”. It may have loads of garbage at some places in the city, but, our new Prime Minister is improving it as fast as he can. The people here are also very nice and helpful.

Karachi is a mega metropolis. The one thing people should know about my city is that it is very large which means a lot of diversity in races and culture. We also have sea which is important for both entertainment and business. Intra city travelling is costly because of huge distance.

Karachi is Pakistan’s City of Lights and is one of the greatest cities one can go sightseeing and for exploring the country’s historical heritage. Karachi is known as the city which never sleeps, as around the clock, the city is bustling with life and joy. And so seeing all that, moving to Karachi may be one of the best decisions you may ever take.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Karachi is a crowded city; the population density is one of the highest in the world. One should have an alternative power supply in their home as the load shedding problem is getting worse day by day.

Husnain, says: 2020

Karachi can be a very complicated city. But once newcomers overcome the initial culture shock, and learn to turn a little bit of a blind eye to its shortcomings it can dazzle your tastebuds with its vast variety of cuisines to suit every budget. Street food, fast food, haute cuisine, vie with the multiple offerings from every part of the country to capture your senses at every level.

Abdullah, says: 2020

Karachi is the Sindh province capital of Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s most populous city and the world’s third-largest city. Classified as a global beta city, it is the largest industrial and financial center of Pakistan. It is a city of night, it offers its unique tourist attractions. Traffic is total chaos.

Observing traffic, you will be in constant rush. There is a stampede of people and various vehicles; it certainly leads to air and noise pollution. However, they are affirmative aspects so no need to worry. You can enjoy food streets and the food is utterly scrumptious. Apart of materialistic things, people are extremely welcoming.

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is just not the city but the place where every type of person belonging to every casts, every family. This the beauty of Karachi. This city is known as lights, It’s very safe to visit safely.

City of Lights. City of Charming people. City of beautiful Sites. Place where dreams comes true. Everything is delighted. Every Facility is Available and Affordable. Karachi is the Economic Hub of Nation And Among the Biggest cities of the World. One Who Come to this dream city Have to Explore Everywhere.

There are many crime rates like mobile snatching, target killing, honour killings etc. Karachi is highly populated city as there are people from all over Pakistan. So, you can expect to have Pakhtoons, Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis as your neighbors. Karachi is a city of lights so many people are awake all the night.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Karachi is known as the city of lights. It is the megacity of Pakistan, got plenty of places. People are adorable and can help you way to their limits; there are entertainer for you as well. You will enjoy the weather which is moderate. In July monsoon is there at its peak.

It is the most populated and largest metropole city of my country. It is a business hub and people from all communities have settled here mainly for employment purpose. It is a coastal city with a hot and humid climate. The drawback is non-development of adequate public transportation so mode of transport is mostly by personal cars and motorbikes which makes traffic jams very frequent.

I know it is very hard for someone to relocate, especially in an progressing nation. In Karachi, there are much problems of electricity, broadband connection, and most importantly, water. Therefore, if someone wants to live a prosperous and happy life, they should not come to Karachi, because the basic necessities are not provided here.

Anyone moving here should know this is a very compact city and it has a lot of pollution and traffic problems, people are mean and selfish, but there are many good places here, many good people and a lot of fun things to and many tasty things to eat, despite the bad in it, it is worth living here.

The city is lacking of many tourist attractions, but the malls and natural parks suffice. Not every outdoor food joint is healthy. Street crimes are not that regular, but some areas are to be avoided after dark. Internet facilities are very efficient around the city at all times. It gets pretty warm in summers, so one should be well-equipped with a decent air-conditioning unit.

There is a lot of traffic and smog in Karachi, so be prepared to be late for any outings! The street food here is delicious and very cheap. The people here are extremely friendly. A trip to French beach is a must! It may be a two hour drive but it’s worth it.

Momina, says: 2020

You will have to deal with power cuts and extreme weather often if you decide to move here. However, despite these issues, you will find yourself not wanting to leave due to the friendliness of the common people, the delicious foods and the colorful marketplaces. You should wear the traditional ‘Salwar Kameez’ when leaving the house and preferably have a dupatta draped on your head or shoulders. a piece of advice – do not use public transport and always keep at least Rs. 100 with you at all times.

Mohsin, says: 2020

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. The coastal climate does wonders for the temperature and the constant breeze is a blessing for visitors. that there are so many beaches accessible to Karachi makes it one of the most important reasons why you should visit Karachi. For those looking for a casual stroll on the beach, the Sea View beach is ideal.

Zainab, says: 2020

Anybody moving here should know it is the city of lights which is densely populated by people. This city has some amazing food and it is known for its remarkable jobs. The weather here is always hot on the day but breezy in evening.

Khalid, says: 2020

The city has mixed culture with people from different ethnicities. It is one of the main cities of Pakistan on the basis of its economy. It is a good place on the basis of its working opportunities. The citizens sleep late at night due to which shops and marts are open long hours of the day. Pharmacy is 24/7 open in most of the areas. Gulshan-e-Iqbal, is one of Karachi’s best neighborhoods for newcomers as it has maximum residence opportunities for new ones, easy access to hospitals, marts, bakeries and restaurants.

Karachi has poor infrastructure, people are judgmental, public transport is not good for commuting. Talking about some positive aspects of this city are good food, some historical architecture, friendly people, beach and diverse residents.

Nomaan, says: 2020

I am from Karachi Pakistan. It’s the biggest city of out country. Lots of people come and settled here and living happy life. Every Things you need in your daily life are available here. The people of this city are very lovely and careful of others and they all live in this city like a society.

Karachi is called the city of lights, and contributing about 70% of Pakistan’s gdp at south east asia. It has population of 20 million world’s seventh most populous city in asia sindh having a great port Qasim. Karachi is most advance city of Pakistan. Karachi also have mega building projects like bahria town Karachi.

Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan. It is known for its coastline, skyscrapers, amazing street food, and hospitality. It is a multiethnic city where people from all over the country come to find work. Karachi is also famous for its philanthropy where organizations such as Edhi, Chippa, Indus, and Tabba operate.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Karachi is famous for knowing a business hub for Pakistan and most populated city in the world Karachi is known as city of light because it’s a nightlife people enjoy here a lot, at night and day too, Karachi was once the capital of Pakistan. As the most populated city of Pakistan, it was and still is the business hub of this country. Most of the businesses belong to this city making it the one of the busiest city.

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and the world’s second-most populous area. Urdu is the most common language spoken in Karachi It is the very first capital of the country, known as the City of Lights for ages. Being the financial hub of Pakistan, it is home to millions of people, coming from different states, cultures, and backgrounds.

Karachi is the city of lights. The people in Karachi are very welcoming and friendly. Karachi is the city of diverse people who come here from all over Pakistan. If you are looking to find a decent place to stay you may like to stay in Defence.

Cheema, says: 2020

Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan. Here is Port also, The Founder of Pakistan’s Tomb is also here. There are many food streets in our city. Every cast of people live in Karachi. The big Bahria Town, Big shopping Malls etc. Karachi is boom city.

Malaika, says: 2020

Spacious and city of lights. Biggest city of Pakistan and harbour. It has opportunity of employment having basic necessities of life. Karachi is populated with all caste, creed, and colour people and peace is there. Everybody wishes to dwell here as my city has many places of recreation.

Rubeea, says: 2020

Karachi is the City of Lights. The hustle and bustle of the city runs through the night with people out-and-about till the early morning. With a thriving hospitality industry, Karachi attracts people from all over the country. Karachi prides itself in having some of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in the country.

Abdullah, says: 2020

Karachi is considered the city of lights and the largest city of Pakistan. It offers many mouthwatering dishes to the people who visit. In addition to this you can have a view to the Arabian sea and enjoy several delicacies. Karachi is the industrial hub of the country and a treat.

There are a lot of jobs in Karachi. Many suitable places to live in as per your income. Some natural views like Seaside is the most famous place. People are also very helpful once anyone comes here can’t go back easily. The environment is so satisfying and calm.

Sabiha, says: 2020

Karachi is the seventh largest city of the world. The city has many business opportunities. In pursuit of moving to settle in Karachi it is wise to understand the dense culture and the employment opportunities the city holds. The city is rightly called the City of Light and produces 35% of the nation’s revenue and serves employment to about 45% of the country’s population.

Rukhsar, says: 2020

Karachi is the name of city which is the “city of light “. There is no discrimination between color, caste, language etc. In Karachi people are very sweet and help each other like you can say that there is very good brotherhood. And most important thing in Karachi everyone have equal rights.

Day and night temperatures in Karachi are usually high and the win is humid due to the coastal influence. People from various ethnic backgrounds live together with peace and harmony. Karachi is said to be the ‘City of Lights’. The restaurants and markets remain open till late a night.

It is a congested, overpopulated, sprawling metropolis but you have sunrises and sunsets on the beach to make up for it. Uptown Karachi is fancy and elite. There are shiny new malls, swanky clubs and cutesy coffee shops. Downtown Karachi is homely and familiar. There are snaking streets through overfilled, teeming houses dotted with tiny shops lit by single light bulbs selling any imaginable thing you may think of. Arguably it is one of the liveliest city of Pakistan where people from all corners of the country rush to, to make both their livings and their lives.

Karachi is the city of lights. Most important, the tomb of the founder Of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam), is also in Karachi. There is a lot of places to refresh like Pearl Continental Hotel, Do Darya restaurant, and many others.

Karachi is the city of lights. It is jam-packed on almost all days of the week. The normal temperature is not that hot but due to humidity, it is pretty unbearable at times. An air conditioner is a must for you to have in your house to cope with rising temperatures.

There are lot of lanes and alleys in my city. At night these lanes are usually without electricity, and lawless elements are always in the lookout for robbing common people of their mobile phones or wrist watches. There is shortage of filtered water also in my city. think of all these liabilities before you decide to move to our city.

Karachi is a vibrant city and is the City of Lights. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and the bustling city market. Karachi is one of the most populous cities in the world with a population of over 22 million inhabitants. English is widely spoken in Karachi and you can also get many of the National Newspapers in English.

Karachi is a big city, so the distance between places is long. It’s a beautiful city with scrumptious food stalls and calming sea. There are parks and different places where you can hangout with family and friends. Weather here is humid but nights are chilly with cool breeze. People of Karachi are hospitable.

Karachi is called the City of Lights. It’s very vibrant day and night. There are lots of activities, restaurants to eat at and malls. Beach is easily accessible. However, people are too jaded, empathy is at all time low and traffic is terrible. The usual woes of living in an overly crowded metropolitan city.

Ibtihaj, says: 2020

Karachi is a very densely populated city, most of the areas here are very crowded, however on the bright side it is very lively to live in Karachi as even till two in the morning people are out for tea and other kinds of activities. Many people here are also jobless which is why the law and order here is no so stable so, there is a high likeliness of you to get mugged.

Shafaq, says: 2020

A house is very difficult to find in Karachi for rent. However, for unmarried people there are many hostels that are cheap and secure. On the other hand for families, rental flats may be a good choice in terms of security. But no one can guarantee the fitness of those flats because most buildings in the city are already outdated.

Karachi is called the city of lights. It is a city that never sleeps. Even at 2AM, you’ll find all the restaurants open and people enjoying their lives. The charm of this city lies within that people here are so friendly to each other. You can make friends everywhere in this city. If you’re planning to come here, make sure your tummy is empty cause the food here is not something you should miss.

Expert, says: 2020

The climate here is moderate. There is so much of air pollution and traffic on roads. It has five districts. It has many large and small shopping areas. The city has a modern international airport. It has two important regional seaports. It is the most cosmopolitan city. It is a good place.

When moving here, the future inhabitant should know that the crime rates are high, the heat and humidity is intolerable and traffic jams are horrible. Yet what makes this city livable and likeable are the welcoming people and the lively environment. It’s almost as if the city never sleeps.

Zarnab, says: 2020

Karachi, often known as the city of lights in Pakistan, has been an eye candy for many tourists. From its delicious street food to exquisite restaurants at the coastal area known as ‘Do Darya’, from dark slum areas of Karachi to great urban areas, Karachi is a fully packaged city if you want to move here. The city never sleeps you can finds markets open here at even three in the morning.

Tayyaba, says: 2020

Karachi is the most cosmopolitan city of Pakistan with diverse cultures, languages and religions. It is categorized as a global city and is the country’s economic and industrial hub. The city’s main inspiration is that it has multiple business and earning opportunities. It also has many educational universities, emergency hospitals, entertainment places and shopping malls which make this city an ideal place.

Karachi is a metropolitan city known as the city of lights. This is the biggest and the highest tax revenue-generating city of Pakistan. The country is totally dependent on the trade of goods and exchange of services in Karachi. Karachi city holds a diverse variety of religions and races living together and nurturing each other.

Zebaish, says: 2020

Karachi, being the city of lights, is also home to many ports and has direct access to the sea, making it the heartthrob of Pakistan. the climatic conditions of Karachi are the perfect balance of mild temperatures mixed with cool breezes from the ocean that connects the city to the rest of the world.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Karachi: It is the city of light. It gives place to the people all over the world. It is good option for living and for starting any business. It has many historical and amazing places. It’s easy to move from Karachi to anywhere in the world by air travel or by sea travel. I will always be here to welcome you in my beloved city.

Karachi, being the city of lights, is the heartthrob of Pakistan, also a home to many ports, linking Pakistan to the rest of the world through sea travel. Karachi is the only city in Pakistan having an access to the sea which adds to its beauty and attracts tourists from all over.

Karachi is one of the largest cities in the world: with a population of more than 20 million, the smooth functioning of this coastal city is nothing less than a miracle. People from all the ethnicity, found in Pakistan, reside in Karachi and find a safe haven in this city. Karachi has the highest Urdu-speaking population in the country.

Hassan, says: 2020

Karachi has lots of potential for starting a new business. The opportunities are great. All kinds of people with different qualification and experience can look for job as well. Besides, quite a few parks and outdoor places are available that offer good opportunity to have fun. All kinds of restaurants are available that include Chinese, American and Thai food places.

Karachi in Pakistan, is a lovely city but for the newcomer there are quite a few shocks to come some are good and some are bad. One of my first shocks was that everyone here has servants. They wash, clean, cook and drive. Seems like people here are too buy to even live their lives. They have to employ someone to live it for them.

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