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Living in Reno, Nevada:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

14 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Reno, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 14 people living in Reno what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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14 comments on “Reno”

Rent is high versus the average wages. Four seasons. Good for shopping. Relatively safe but poor drivers.

Pepperidge Casino Restaurant is a good place to eat at the buffet at a good price. If you like jackpot machines, use the ones that are on the main aisle where there is a high volume of foot traffic. These jackpots provide more jackpots. Why, because the casino managers use such as advertising to get the foot traffic to gamble in their casino. Reno is ok but there are better places to live.

Ace of Hearts, says: 2023

The biggest little city in the world, Reno, Nevada, is home to countless university students, strong families, and retirement homes. This town is a melting pot of age, ethnicity, and religion. Living here after moving from a major city, has provided me with a feeling of small town welcoming, along with big city activities.

One of the more popular attractions is Mt. Rose. It’s a mountain nearby that’s very popular among skiers and snowboarders. The people aren’t too bad. They may not be the softest or most caring bunch, but they aren’t angry or hateful all the time. Many of them are just looking to have fun, and Reno is the place they came to do it. Some of them gamble or drink the night away, some of them came to ski in the mountains or drive a boat through the lake, and some of them just live there.

Reno is not just a gambling city. In fact, most people in Reno do not gamble. Reno is within driving distance of Lake Tahoe, a popular and famous vacation spot. Reno is also home to multiple hiking opportunities, including mountain view, lake views, and waterfall views. If you do a little research, we can find plenty of outdoor activities year-round.

Maureen, says: 2020

Reno is a quiet and peaceful place. It is the biggest little city in the world with beautiful parks and recreation centers. The city is the best retirement state in the country. If offers plenty of outdoor activities and historic buildings. Reno has a lot of events for its residents like Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations, Air Races, and Hot Air Balloon Race.

Gabriella, says: 2020

Reno is the biggest little city not only for the surprising bustling of the town that arises out of the high desert, but for its small town feel. Many residents will tell you, it only takes a few years of living here before you start to see the same, familiar faces everywhere you go. Reno has the excitement and wonders of a big city, while also sharing the great relaxation and outdoor adventures Lake Tahoe has to offer. Despite its big city amenities, residents here all seem to know each other “from somewhere. “

Antoinette, says: 2020

Reno is a fast-paced, creative, booming, and vibrant city geared toward tourists. This city is 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe and contains a handful of popular casinos. Just outside of downtown is desert terrain, bordering mountain ranges, and deep forests. It is a city filled with characters, notable landmarks, and if you want to get away for a day road trip, it is close to the California border.

Makenzie, says: 2020

The major interchange, that of I-80 and I-580, is called the “Spaghetti Bowl.” It consists of a complex array of overpasses, on-ramps, and off-ramps to direct traffic to the correct freeway. I suggest looking at a map prior to getting on the freeway, to avoid confusion and delay.

Annabelle, says: 2020

Reno isn’t as interesting as other cities. The downtown is a nice place in many ways. Reno has crowded streets. City blocks are interrupted every now and again by various sights. Sometimes it’s the Truckee River passing through, sometimes it’s a whale sculpture made up of various colorful polygons, or perhaps it’s the Virginia Street bridge. The buildings and area are relatively stylized. The casinos are big and over the top, seemingly reaching the sky with their endless neon lights.

When people think of the State of Nevada, they immediately think of Las Vegas. They do not, however, think of Reno, Nevada. Reno is approximately 440 miles north of Las Vegas. Reno is affectionately known as “The Biggest Little City,” the origin of which I do not know. There are casinos in Reno, like Las Vegas, but not at the same scale. However, Reno does have something that Las Vegas does not: close proximity to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe offers a plethora of many seasonal outdoor activities that Las Vegas does, including skiing and snowboarding in winter, and hiking, boating, and the like during summer. My city (Reno, Nevada) beats Las Vegas, Nevada, any day.

The business buildings don’t follow a direct pattern, each one using various colours to brighten up the road, with the University not being too far past it. The food here is good. There’s the Gold and Silver Diner, which was featured on the hit show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” and plenty of Sports Bars in town like Sully’s that have a warm and fun-loving environment. The casinos, as expected, offer their own food. Places like Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River are with driving distance, that are great for fishing.

Kristi, says: 2020

Due to the hectic pace and high costs of living in a larger city, such as San Francisco or Chicago, many people are giving in to the allure of smaller cities, namely Reno, Nv. Reno offers many of the appeals of city living with the balance of a small, hometown feel. There is a thriving art culture, ever expanding restaurant options for foodies, and thriving music scene. In addition to city amenities, Reno and the surrounding areas offer endless options for outdoor enjoyment.

Reno is a pretty big city and it can be easy to get lost if you don’t have some kind of map or GPS on you. There is also A LOT of options for things to do such as mini golf, water parks and roller skating. there are a lot of different options of restaurants and salons to choose from, I usually rely on reading reviews before picking a place as I rely and trust the opinions of people giving honest ratings of a specific place based on their experience.

Christina, says: 2020

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