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Living in Kimberley, South Africa:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

13 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Kimberley, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 13 people living in Kimberley what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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If you move to Kimberley you should know that the city has water shortages, there is almost never running water for residential use and the roads are horrible.

Lizette, says: 2024

Kimberley is really not that worth it anymore. It used to be a beautiful place that was pristine. Now it’s a dump. The place looks like it could be a zombie apocalypse. If you do want to move to this place. Most people speak Afrikaans or Tshwana. It is extremely hot and extremely dry. The streets look like rivers only because of the terrible management with the municipality. The water is terrible. The place is also really dusty.

Just don’t do it, honestly. No one warned me of what a dump this place truly is. Once upon a time, it was beautiful, clean and prestine. I lived here for the past few months and it’s been one obstacle after another. You can only visit The Big Hole so many times, since there’s NOTHING else to do. Water is a big issue, only because the municipality is pathetic. So install a JoJo tank or don’t move here. Get car insurance or don’t move here. Get used to unsightly dumps and broken infrastructure or don’t move here. Not trying to be negative, but I wish someone told me before I moved here.

Kimberley is a small yet vibrant city. It doesn’t have much to do compared to other cities but it’s home. It’s rich in heritage and the people know how to make something out of nothing. The spirit of Kimberley is what makes it sparkle, not necessarily the diamonds.

Victor, says: 2022

The beautiful, small but sparkling town called Kimberley is in the Northern region of beautiful South Africa. Sparkling we say, as it is known as the city of diamonds. Diamonds were found in what is now known as the Big Hole.

Debbie, says: 2020

My city is a tourist attraction kind of city. Although sometimes it is dangerous because of the hooligans living there and also sometimes you have to be wary because there are criminals. We have Kimberley big hole which is the biggest hole filled with water.

Tumelo, says: 2020

Kimberley is well known for the Big Hole. It is also referred to as the diamond city. It is also the largest province in South Africa, with a very small population. Early this year, the ruling party which is the African National Congress, held their one hundred and eighth birthday celebration in my hometown.

Abongile, says: 2020

Kimberley is known for being the first city in South Africa where diamonds were discovered. In addition, it is also the first city in Southern Africa to have street lights. Most people in Kimberley are multilingual as more than one language is spoken in the city. It is a lovely place to stay in as the vibe is friendly and cool.

Kimberley is well-known for its tourist attraction which is the Big Hole. It has produced one of the biggest diamonds in the world known as the Cullinan Diamond. It also has a rich heritage within its people and landmarks. Kimberley was the first place in Africa to produce electricity. It is also a vibrant place to visit as well as a place that is not so busy.

Kimberley has one of the biggest hand-made mines. Diamond mine was one of the main sources of income in my city. The largest diamond was discovered in my city. Summers are very hot and winters very cold. Kimberley is the capital in the Northern Cape. We are a lot of caring people.

Christelle, says: 2020

Kimberley is a city of contrasts when it comes to the weather; extremely hot and extremely cold. However, the friendly people of Kimberley compensate for the unfriendly weather. Despite its location in an arid province, it is surprisingly verdant. It is renowned as the city of diamonds in the country.

Palesa, says: 2020

Kimberley is known for its legendary history. From exploring the diamond route to learning how the Anglo Boer war unfolded. Not even to mention the ghostly trails that people take part in. For a small city, there is a lot to learn in Kimberley, South Africa.

My city is the city of diamonds and that it’s the first city in the Southern Hemisphere to get street lights, we have the famous Big Hole and it’s home to the artist Pro verb. We are the biggest province in South Africa and there’s a lot of diversity including official 11 languages.

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