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Wealth and Income Inequality in Lahore, Punjab

four local experts

Here's what four local experts had to say about wealth and income inequality in Lahore, Punjab.

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Lahore is a capital city of the Pakistani province Punjab. Lahore is the second largest city after Karachi. it is also known a the “City of Gardens” because of its many parks and gardens. the culture of Lahore peoples is very manifestation of the lifestyle, festivals, music, language, and socioeconomic condition of the peoples. Lahore’s culture is very unique and specific.

If someone were to consider moving here, he/she should have enough financial support to rent a place, buy food and other supplies. As living expenses are quite high, having a solid source of income will help to ease his transition into living in this city. Before moving to your new home, have a look around to learn the layout of the area.

Lahore is known as a cultural hub of Pakistan. It has great historical places, more than amazing food options and most importantly, it is affordable and cheap. If anyone has an income of $30 a month, he can survive at least. The people are also very hospitable and sweet. They make sure everyone that enters the city, feels at home there.

Mariam, says: 2020

Lahore is a large and a expensive city to the person who wants to move here needs to have a sufficient income and should be adaptive person to adapt the lifestyle of the citizens of Lahore. It’s the city of food where people love to eat and drink tradition dishes and drinks.

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