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Education and Schools in Buea, Southwest

three local experts

From schools for early education to nearby colleges and universities, here's what three local experts had to say about education in Buea, Southwest.

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Buea is marked by the prestigious University of Buea, which is the only Anglo-Saxon University in West Africa. Also, the city has a 50th anniversary monument, marking independence. The city is reach with diverse cultures of different ethnic groups across the country as a whole.

Touomou, says: 2020

Be prepared for heavy rains between June and September. Your clothing should reflect this reality. Accommodation is relatively expensive in the student residential areas, move to the inner part of town to get relatively comfortable and secured flats. The people are welcoming, especially to strangers, but this must not be abused by being condescending of their cultural belief system. The local restaurants will treat you to a beautiful menu.

Buea is a small settlement in the Fako Division of the Southwest region of Cameroon. Being at the foot of mount Fako, it is very climate friendly. In recent years it’s population density has witnessed a steady increase, especially with the institution of the University of Buea which is the first Anglo-Saxon University in the country. Various arms of the military assure security but the problems of housing and water cannot be overlooked.

Tadbet, says: 2020
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