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Diversity and Racism in Fremont, California

five local experts

Is Fremont diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what five local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Fremont, California.

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Fremont, California, is sandwiched between three large, major cities—San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland, and is also a bridge away from Silicon Valley. With Fremont being influenced by the cityscape of metropolitan areas, cultural diversity is more or less a given. Fremont (and generally the Bay Area) offers a welcoming community for immigrants who are already at a disadvantage upon their arrival in America. The hope, recognition, and comfort that Fremont provides to its immigrant citizens can be found in every city around the world.

Fremont is a diverse city, with a large Asian population providing a diverse selection of food from around the world. While the weather is great, with only a few days of rain per year, it is also a crowded setting with slow-moving traffic. The city is close to the Palo Alto, where most of the major technology companies preside, so many of the city’s residents work with computers as engineers and programmers.

Jaylen, says: 2020

Fremont is a wonderful city full of diversity and various local attractions. One of its main appeals is that it serves as an excellent setting in which to raise kids in, especially considering its excellent schooling system and charming suburban neighborhoods. For recreation, residents can try out the bountiful different cuisines at Fremont’s restaurants or go hiking on scenic trails at Mission Peak or Coyote Hills. Split into five different areas, Fremont is full of unique places waiting to be discovered.

Pushpita, says: 2020

Moving to the Bay Area, be aware of both the benefits and the downfalls of such a high-cost living area. Though it is easy to be enamored by the high paying salaries of the technology field, most people do not reach such high earnings and are not necessarily in the technology field. In fact, many houses over the recent years have skyrocketed in prices, pushing people out of the state. However, the weather is good and the people are extremely affable since the state ethnicity groups are heavily diversified.

Fremont has a diverse workforce which enables divers interactions and knowledge. The city is landlocked but it is part of East Bay – it’s very scenic with a mix of mountains and ocean close by. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Diverse workforce brings in diverse culture and international food scene which is very appealing to me.

William, says: 2020
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