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Benin City
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Diversity and Racism in Benin City, Edo

two local experts

Is Benin City diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what two local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Benin City, Edo.

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Benin City is the capital of Edo State. It is known for its rich cultural heritage. The Binis are the predominant ethnic group, yet there are other ethnic groups such as the Esans, Ijaws, Oras, Isokos from neighbouring Delta State. Hence, the city is cosmopolitan in nature with English and Pidgin languages widely spoken by the people. The traditional ruler is Oba Ewuare, who ascended an inherited respected throne.

Goodness, says: 2020

Benin city is in Nigeria. It is very significant for the cultural heritage of its people. It is known for wood and metal crafts. It has the oba as its traditional ruler. It has some fascinating sites among which are the benin moat and the aruhan statue. It consists of people from all over the country, talking of tribes. It is a fun place.

Odomero, says: 2020
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