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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Benin City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 38 people living in Benin City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Such a person must learn how to greet the elderly by showing your respect in the form of prostration. It is also very important to learn some words in their language so as not to get lost, except you are going to get a translator because Benin indigenes love their language.

Adesola, says: 2020

Benin City is the commercial centre of the state. It has about 1,600,000 people. It has many private businesses and a busy nightlife. It is also the home of the King (Oba) of the Benin Kingdom and all of the Bini chief and royalty. Its people are very welcoming and it’s a good place.

Onanefe, says: 2020

Benin City is a busy city with many busy bodies. some amenities such as clean water, good roads and connecting transportation are neither very available nor developed yet. However, the housing is affordable and security is ensured. Nonetheless, anyone moving in here should be armed with the invaluable skill of being able to adapt readily to change.

Ephraim, says: 2020

One moving here should note that there is always a heavy flow of traffic after lunch hour, prices of commodities are a bit low and that electricity supply isn’t enough. He or she would have to get a generator as a means of alternative power. The city is relatively safe, because the law enforcement agents are always around.

Erepamo, says: 2020

Benin City has a lot of road networks that connect it to other cities. It houses a number of primary and secondary schools which are mostly government-owned and there are also a variety of health centers which are located close to residential areas. The crime rate in my city is low.

Nwamaka, says: 2020

Good place for economic development in addition we also have higher institutions. It is a highly populated city and a developing nation. It has a lot of industries and blessed with fertile soil for agricultural production. It is also blessed with crude oil production. The supply of electricity is very poor compared to other Nations.

Benin city is in Nigeria. It is very significant for the cultural heritage of its people. It is known for wood and metal crafts. It has the oba as its traditional ruler. It has some fascinating sites among which are the benin moat and the aruhan statue. It consists of people from all over the country, talking of tribes. It is a fun place.

Odomero, says: 2020

Anybody moving to Benin City should have it in mind that it is a place of so many business opportunities and will constantly experience the early morning traffic due to the hustle and bustle of market men and women trying to get to work. There are also beautiful places to visit in Benin City, and anybody moving to will surely enjoy the place.

Benin city is in the heart of Edo State. It is one of the oldest cities in Nigeria. It is also the home of the Oba of Benin Kingdom. Benin City is a very nice place and one cannot help but feel at home once settled down in this wonderful city.

Preciou, says: 2020

Benin City is the capital of Edo State, Nigeria. It is a city with rich cultural heritage and history. It was the center of the ancient Bini Empire. Till date, it is known for her bronze works of art which has gained international repute. If you visit Benin City today, the ancient palace of the Oba (King) of Benin remains a beautiful sight to behold.

Samuel, says: 2020

Benin City is very hot, any body coming should be ready to adjust to a hot environment. But it’s a lovely place. Any visitor will be very happy and relaxed in my city. Benin city is a city in Edo state, Edo state is a southern State in Nigeria.

Ershumu, says: 2020

Benin City is a beautiful place to move. It is enriched with culture and a lot of history. It is a peaceful and safe place with family or to start one. The crime rate is incredibly low compared to surrounding cities. It is a great place to raise kids.

Oluwatoyin, says: 2020

Edo state is a city of bronze, any one coming to the city should expect to see a lot of artworks of different forms and nature. It’s also a state rich with palm nut for making red oil, which is used for cooking variety of meals. Culture people who believes in their tradition, rule by a king called an Oba.

Emmanuel, says: 2020

It’s the oldest city next to Ibadan in the history of Nigeria. Benin city has a strong cultural heritage, which comprises of strong works of terracotta of the heads of their leader, being the first Kingdom to get in contact with the Europeans during the precolonial era. The modern day Benin City still takes its culture seriously.

Olayide, says: 2020

Someone moving to Benin City should expect to find a People whose lives have been shaped by tradition and a rich cultural heritage. The city is quiet during the day but nightlife in the city centre is quite exciting. Benin city is part of the Benin Kingdom and king is the Oba of Benin.

Benin city is a wonderful place to move considering it’s sunny weather it’s beautiful atmosphere and how lively and energetic its people are. Benin city is filled with mostly churches and schools. This goes a long way to show how committed we are to education and God. Moving to Benin city is a wonderful choice.

It’s a nice place to settle down, the environment is serine the people are nice and there are many sites to see. There are also good churches and schools which will cater for your children’s needs and for your spiritual needs. The weather is nice and there. are a lot of opportunities to earn money.

Anyone looking to move to Benin city, will be amazed at the rich cultural heritage of the city. It has a robust history of fearless monarchs and the people take a lot of pride in it. You’ll also fall in love with the rich variety of meals available to tantalize your taste buds.

Kayode, says: 2020

Benin City is the capital of Edo State. It is known for its rich cultural heritage. The Binis are the predominant ethnic group, yet there are other ethnic groups such as the Esans, Ijaws, Oras, Isokos from neighbouring Delta State. Hence, the city is cosmopolitan in nature with English and Pidgin languages widely spoken by the people. The traditional ruler is Oba Ewuare, who ascended an inherited respected throne.

Goodness, says: 2020

Before moving to Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, consider the following:
– Lots of air pollution.
– Traffic is very bad.
Benin City is a very busy place, more like a marketplace even.
Benin City is fun to live in, lots of activities bubbling especially at night.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Benin city is a city in the south of Nigeria geopolitical zone. It’s the capital of Edo state, one of the 36 states in Nigeria. It’s a city with a very history of wars and conquest. The city is renowned for its bronze casting and woodwork, in fact, bronze work is a generational family business in Benin city, such skills are often handed down from father to son.

Gertrude, says: 2020

The Benin City is surrounded by serene environments. The city houses it’s unique and ancient artifacts in the city museum in the city center. The Palace of the King is also in the same environment alongside the cultural theatre. Bini is the major language. Major city activities are around the city center including its domestic Airport. finally, there is little or no night life activity.

Kenechukwu, says: 2020

It is not easy living in Benin City. Day by day is all about the hustle and trying to survive. There are always blackouts in my city so don’t expect much from here.

Celestine, says: 2020

Try learning the greetings because the people of Benin rarely greet in English. They should brace themselves for roads that aren’t so smooth to drive on and ditches. There are a lot of ditches. Depending on where you move to, there’s enough space. There are large expanse of land that haven’t been taken care of, so there’s enough fresh air.

Philip, says: 2020

Benin City is in Edo state which is the heartbeat of Nigeria in the southern region. In Benin city, which is the capital of my state, is a centre for rubber production and there are industries for such activities. In Benin city, adjusting to lifestyle wont be so difficult the people are accommodating and very receptive. There is little or no concerns about language brier as English language is most spoken among the people. There are different jobs for different education qualifications. And housing is relatively cheap depending on the areas.

Chimamkpam, says: 2020

Low job rates. However, there are good primary, secondary, ann tertiary institutions located here. The cost of living in Benin City, is relatively high. Expensive accommodations, food, and so on. There are lots of event centres and relaxation centres too. everybody follows the religion they think is suitable for them.

Christopher, says: 2020

Benin-city is dynamic with a rich cultural heritage dating back to 1500 AD. It has a king known as the Oba of Benin, who acts as a traditional monarch over the affairs of the state. It is known for its man made dug moats seen virtually in almost every part of it’s outskirts.

Benin City can be very hot during the dry season and it rains a lot, during the rainy season. Because of the location of my city, it tends to be as hot as 27 degrees Celsius during the dry season.

Divine, says: 2020

I reside in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Anyone moving here should consider visiting some beautiful historical sites that has become important tourist attractions. The Benin Moat built by Oba Oguola in 1280-1295 remains a star attraction for visitors to this city. The moat remains one of the largest manmade structures on earth and was primarily made to prevent invaders from having direct access into the old Benin Kingdom.

Benin City is a very peaceful place and there are no cases of insurgencies as in other cities. It is also place for tourists who come from different parts of the world because it has a lot of antiques. It is very modernized. It is also a very comfortable place.

Veronica, says: 2020

Benin City is a beautiful and and stress free City with less or no traffic. There is no motorcycle allowed in this city. Business activities are booming and we have lots of restaurants, hotels, schools, markets and tertiary institution. Their people are accommodating, loving and supportive as well and welcoming.

Cynthia, says: 2020

My city is considered ancient by many because it has existed for many centuries, way before the British colonial master set foot on its red soil. Most of its city plans are actually inherited from the plans set out by our ancestors. It is a culturally significant city in Nigeria, interestingly, it has very little to offer in terms of entertainment and leisure.

Adebola, says: 2020

I think one of the things a person moving to my city should know is that the power supply is quite erratic. Also, if they’re not careful enough they may get mugged in a public place during the daytime. Finally, there is an unnatural abundance of dishonest business people and fraudster-wannabes, think twice about moving here.

Anjolaoluwa, says: 2020

Be ready for erratic power supply. A lot of the people around here rely on alternative means of generating electricity, like solar panels and fuel or diesel generators for this reason. Also, you’d have to be careful about where you go to, there’s always the possibility of getting mugged in a public place even during the day.

Ogheneyoma, says: 2020

Benin city is the largest city of Edo State in southern Nigeria and it is a major transit hub, as its highways are the gateway to the eastern states, as well as Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria. It is a city with a rich cultural history and the indigenes are hardworking and hospitable. It is a city of commerce, trade and tourism.

Erelayefa, says: 2020

Benin City is a rain forest region good for agricultural produce such as cassava, yam, plantains, cashew nuts, rice, etc. Benin City accepts different religions and cultural practices. The major language spoken is bini. It has three major ethnics groups which are Edo (binis), Esan and Afemai (owan/etsako) with Akoko-edo.

Balogun, says: 2020

Someone who intends to move into my city, should know that there is epileptic power supply in Benin City. Furthermore, we often spend a great deal on running our generating sets, in order to be able to carry out our daily activities. In addition, living in my city is also interesting as there is relative peace here.

Zainab, says: 2020

Benin city is fun to live in, there are lots of places that you would be interested in visiting, the people are welcoming and fun to live with. There are countless relaxation spots to ease your mind after a hectic day. You would not have any problem living here, just be law abiding, and you are good to go.

Longshak, says: 2020

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