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Cost of Living and Inflation in Angeles City, Pampanga: What do you need to know?

six local experts

Here's what six local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Angeles City, Pampanga.

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Heavy traffic is now a problem in the city, if you have your own vehicle make sure to rent or own a house with garage. Consider a high cost of living because were near Manila. Be sure you are ready for loud noise coming from our native language which is Kapampangan.

Pauline, says: 2020

The city is known for its market area that has a number of products that are significantly cheaper than in any other area. Aside from that there are also numerous universities student might be aiming to apply at. However, due to the area being a highly urbanized city, you can expect traffic during rush hours.

Regina, says: 2020

Visitors should know Angeles City is not the typical Filipino provincial city. Firstly, English is widely used and this can make residing in the city easier than is the case in other provincial cities. The city has a diverse expat community and therefore goods and activities that are associated with your home country are most likely to be found in the city. However, the cost of living is slightly higher than other cities.

Angeles City is like the second capital of the Philippines, so one should expect heavy traffic, busy streets, and many establishments. There are plenty of apartments and dorm rooms available, but one should prepare an extra budget for these because they don’t come cheap due to high demand. As for supplies, everything is accessible — including food, toiletries, appliances, and office supplies, among others.

Debbie, says: 2020

Basically people’s culture is to be considered. If one moving here should know people’s way of life so he assimilate. Another is the cost of living. cost of living isn’t that high. Transportation is cheap. He can choose to travel by jeep (usually 10 Php for the first four km and an additional one Php per one kilometer excess). Finally, cost of daily essentials are very affordable. About 20,000 Php for essentials can cater four people per month.

Our city is one the most commercialized city in our province. There are malls everywhere. Transportation are very cheap and fast so that moving from one place to another is very easy. Although there are times that people have conflict with each other but trust me people in our place are very welcoming to every tourist.

Jennefer, says: 2020
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