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Living in Boksburg, South Africa:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

17 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Boksburg, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 17 people living in Boksburg what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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17 comments on “Boksburg”

It is a developing, residential area. There are a few good schools in the city – both primary and secondary. We have a large hospital, which also services surrounding towns. The homes in my part of the city are large, with large backyards as well. They make for a decent sized family, with kids who love playing outside.

Sphelele, says: 2020

Boksburg is one of the largest cities in Gauteng. It is situated in the urban areas. It is easier to reach a certain destination because it is surrounded by a lot of different stores, malls, and tourist attractions. Boksburg is a safe and a reliable place to be. There is less crime in boksburg.

Boksburg city is a quiet and peaceful place with lots of parks. It has top of the art schools and activities for children. It also has shopping centers for your convenience. When driving through the streets of Boksburg you will see he beautiful green trees.

Debbie, says: 2020

Boksburg is a town in the city of Ekurhuleni. My city houses the biggest and busiest airport on the beautiful continent of Africa. We are also a developing aerotropolis, the first in Africa. Our streets are always buzzing with excitement and new opportunities for all. It is a combination of the old mining town and the new technological industry.

Palesa, says: 2020

Johannesburg, popularly know as Jo’burg, is found in the heart of Gauteng. It was established in the Apartheid regime rich and has a very rich cultural history. It boasts a whole lot of opportunities for everyone – whether you’re moving in with your family, or by yourself, you’re sure to find better job opportunities and access to all the basic services you’ll need.

Boksburg is a great city with many malls and activities for kids and parents. We are central to everything and have the airport only a few minutes away. All highways connecting to other larger cities are easily accessible from Boksburg.

Mihlali, says: 2020

The city of Boksburg, less than 20 km from the focal point of Johannesburg and with its own flourishing mechanical zone known as Jet Park, is a simple drive to work with Gauteng’s principles, one reason for the first-quarter uptick in home purchasing action, and by far the best is that the weather is absolutely amazing in the summer.

It is a very peaceful suburb, close knit community. Our rates are relatively low compared to other cities. We have a very low crime rate. There are several roads that are close to the highway and national routes. Shopping centers are within reach. A variety of schools in the area, ensuring that you place your child in a school that is aligned with your beliefs and values.

Zintle, says: 2020

A record-setting chess display was held in Boksburg. Four-time titleholder, Hikaru Nakamura, played 101 games at the same time. He was bested by two youthful South Africans. Chief, Jamie Uys, was conceived in Boksburg. His most well-known film, The Gods Must Be Crazy, was the world’s greatest non-US film industry hit during its delivery. The individuals of Boksburg realize how to make some great memories. The city’s festivals incorporate the Spring Fiesta, the East Rand Gin Festival, and the International Marimba and Steelpan Festival.

Boksburg’s popular lake almost never happened. After it was built, it stood empty for two years. A heavy rain one night changed everything. Boksburgers awoke to find it had filled up! And A record-setting chess exhibition was held in Boksburg. Four-time world champion, Hikaru Nakamura, played 101 games simultaneously. He was bested by two young South Africans.

Christalla, says: 2020

Boksburg is a lovely place. We have everything you need, from shopping malls to schools around every corner. The residents are friendly and always willing to help their fellow man. If you are a night owl, don’t be discouraged, the nightlife is an experience all of its own.

Janice, says: 2020

Some of the advantages of living in Boksburg are being close to the largest airport in the province, having access to excellent schooling and some of the best shopping malls. I would also have to warn them that they should be cautious when buying property to ensure they don’t choose a high crime area.

Buhleli, says: 2020

Boksburg is known for gold mining. I would consider It to be a small city and it lies in proximity to several other small cities, such as Germiston, Benoni, Brakpan and Kempton Park. These cities are no more than 50 kms apart from each other. My city has several suburban areas, namely Cinderella Park, Van Dyk Park, Sunward Park, etc.

Zimasa, says: 2020

People moving here should know the crime rate that currently plagues South Africa as a whole. Keeping this in mind will help you to stay vigilant and not become complacent about your safety. Another thing to keep in mind is the loadshedding that takes place for few hours daily, this happens when our electrical grid is overloaded and the power to a specific area gets switched off at different times daily.

Crescencia, says: 2020

If you should move to my city, know we have rich cultures. My city has beautiful sunrises and sunsets. My city has friendly citizens who greets you even though they do not know you. My city could do with some cleaning up, as the streets are filled with rubble due to people not caring about the environment.

Felicia, says: 2020

The city in which I stay is not necessarily the safest place. Make sure you have friends or make friends in the area to not be a target. Be 100% sure about your security system and have people on stand by just in case something were to happen to your belongings or family. Keep your eyes open at all times.

Shirley, says: 2020

Bartlett is one of the safest areas in Boksburg. it has amazing entertainment areas, such as shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants, as well as many park which one could take their children to play. The infrastructure in the area is modern and up to date. No doubt you will live happily ever after in Bartlett.

Janine, says: 2020

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