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Living in Roodepoort, South Africa:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

nine local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Roodepoort, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked nine people living in Roodepoort what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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9 comments on “Roodepoort”

It’s a busy place with a lot of business opportunities. Crime and municipal service can be a challenge at times but people are friendly and the community overcomes any of those challenges together. Price of housing is reasonable. Cost of living is affordable. Some good schools but in the private space.

Roodepoort is one of the safer areas in Johannesburg with well maintained roads and good service delivery. I would classify Roodepoort as an upper-middle class area with less crime than in some of the surrounding areas. The houses in the area are generally well maintained and neat with lush gardens.

Uyanda, says: 2020

Rent is extremely high because of the vast majority of employment opportunities. They should be prepared to have limited means of transport as public transport is extremely scarce in this city. Randburg is also a place where South Africa being a rainbow nation is in full display so xenophobia and racism cannot be a problem.

Roodepoort is one of the most peaceful areas in South Africa. There is a wide variety of activities that you can do each weekend with your family such as visiting the local fun parks, museums, and zoos. Our weather also offers the perfect opportunity to experience the outdoors as we mostly have warm weather conditions. The only main thing that I would caution you about relates to the power cuts that we experience. On average, we can experience at least seven power cuts in a month, however, these are normally scheduled as you are made aware of their occurrence. I think you will enjoy moving to my city, especially if you enjoy being outdoors and love the wild life.

Schanzal, says: 2020

Everyone in this city has Dogs. It is a very quiet city which is great for those days when you just want some peace and quiet. The city has a lot of markets like spar, pick n pay so you won’t have to travel far to buy essentials. The yards here are very big so having a dog would be a great idea.

During summer, it rains in buckets. Also, bring along a gas stove, lamps, and any other alternative lighting system because our electricity is so very unreliable.

Zanoxolo, says: 2020

Although Johannesburg is beautiful city, driving on the roads can be quite dangerous. Most of the time traffic lights don’t work, and traffic is quite bad. However, it can be quite entertaining to watch the taxi drivers pull off risky turns. Also, the power is out quite frequently so that makes the day to commute quite challenging.

Nadhia, says: 2020

If you are looking for a city with sprawling grounds and lush greens, Roodepoort is the place. With South Africa’s youngest botanical garden, you will have no choice but to admire its beauty and splendour when you have a picnic or party. Roodepoort is also extremely cold in winter and it rains in summer so if you’re planning on getting married here, early autumn is your best bet.

Joseph, says: 2020

Living in Johannesburg should be an interesting experience for anyone moving there for the first time. You get to see and live all extremes of life, from abject poverty to mountains of wealth, all on the same street. Now, Johannesburg is well known for its’ high crime rate however, living in this city is a different experience altogether.

Rochelle, says: 2020

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