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Beaches in and near Bais City, Negros Oriental: What do you need to know?

two local experts

From bikinis to beachballs to boardwalks, here's what two local experts had to say about beaches in and near Bais City, Negros Oriental.

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Our city is composed of 35 barangays and heart of the city is located near the ocean. Our city is called “The City of Whales and Dolphins” because of the abundant protected marine life here. The people in the city are kind and generous mostly farmers and fishermen who will heartily give some for free of their harvest.

Bais City is the City of Whales and Dolphins and in titled as the City of gentle people so you can expect a warm welcome from the people. Enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the breath the fresh air coming from 100s of tall trees.

Kristine, says: 2020
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