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What are transportation options and challenges in Perth, Western Australia?

four local experts

Are there taxis in Perth? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what four local experts had to say about transportation methods in Perth, Western Australia.

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Be aware of Perth’s utter lack of cultural identity. The arts sector is largely underfunded, most probably due to Perth’s individualistic culture, which disallows a sense of community spirit. The white-sanded beaches of Perth are a sight to behold; however the raging urban sprawl and the absence of effective infrastructure services make for painful accessibility and transportation. Factors such as the significantly aging population and deficiency in cultural appreciation and refinement contribute to Perth’s seemingly unanimous closed and conservative mindset; which presents a whole range of issues as well.

Teresa, says: 2020

Perth is a sprawling city in Western Australia (WA) with a wonderfully mild climate for most of the year. Public transport is very easy around the city, however, many people have a driver’s licence for convenience as commuting can take longer than expected. WA has a rich variety of natural tourist attractions that are highly sought after by adventurous people, but be warned! Distances between places are much further than they seem on the map! Perth is also renowned for its beautiful white beaches that offer a refreshing cool sea breeze on hot summer nights. These beautiful beaches stretch right up the coastline and are close by to many suburban areas. For people looking to make the move to Perth, it is handy to know there is a strange divide between the suburbs north and south of the Swan River. Suburbs within 10km of the city tend to have very expensive housing, although city living does accommodate for smaller apartments reminiscent of other capital cities. There is a laid back appeal to the Perth lifestyle that you can’t find anywhere else, and once you arrive, it’ll be hard to leave!

Perth is a beautiful place, with stunning white sand beaches lining the coast, to towering skyscrapers. The swan river runs right through the CBD with regular ferries running from one side to the other, giving you access to the Perth Zoo, and the many wonderful cafes and bistros that Perth has to offer.

Mahendra, says: 2020

Don’t believe anyone who says Perth is a boring place! Perth is an amazing city with stunning views, the best and most beautiful beaches, the friendliest people (and animals, i.e., The ever-smiling quokkas) and affordable housing options, unlike larger cities in Australia. However, know there is limited public transport available, so it is difficult and time-consuming to get around unless you own a car. There are also some less-than-friendly residents in the form of snakes, red-back spiders, and the infamous swooping magpies, so watch out for these guys!

Courtney, says: 2020
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