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Things To Do in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

13 local experts

Is Mandaluyong City boring? Is it fun? How do people relax in their free time? From playing and watching live sports to listening to live music to volunteering, here's what 13 local experts had to say about things to do in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.

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Mandaluyong City is the center of Metro Manila. It’s right next to major cities like Pasig, Makati, Manila, San Juan and Quezon City. Living in Mandaluyong makes commuting to these cities easier because of all available public transportation. And Mandaluyong has some of the biggest shopping establishments in the metro.

Shenamine, says: 2020

Moving into a city in the Philippines can be quite overwhelming. However, if one would like to start right in a more urbanized area, it would be a good idea to choose Mandaluyong. This is mostly because the city provides a wide array of activities and opportunities—whether it would be for professional or leisure purposes. Its close proximity to the rest of the other major cities in the National Capital Region (i.e. Manila, Makati, and Pasay) can also be one of the main reasons as to why it’s a good place to start a new life in.

Mandaluyong City is known as the Tiger City of Metro Manila and one of the leading business centers in the Philippines. It is located at the center of 3 largest and busiest business cities which are Manila, Makati, and Quezon City. It is one of the safest place to live at and there are lots of places to visit like malls, parks, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. The constituents of Mandaluyong are very satisfied with Local Government that it also won several awards because of the best practices and good governance.

Nikaila, says: 2020

Mandaluyong City has a lot of splendid hotels where you could reside before moving to a lovely home. There are also apartments where you could pay monthly for the room. If you want some entertainment, there are shopping malls and different landmarks that you could pay a visit. For new residents or tourists, I advise visiting PVL Restaurant where you could find one of the biggest Siopao in the Philippines.

Traffic in Mandaluyong City gets quite congested especially during rush hours, where cars would be stuck on the highways for hours. The city however, looks quite beautiful at night and has a nice scenery which draws many people to come here. my city also has many landmarks that would draw the attention of many tourists.

Carolyn, says: 2020

If you are looking for a fun place, then Mandaluyong is the right place for you. It is a great place to hang out with your friends and family since we have a super chill vibe. As far as currency goes, most things are cheaper here.

Metro Manila is a great place to visit for its scenic and historical places. The people are very hospitable, accommodating and friendly. It is always alive with the bustle and hustle of everyday activities. The food is a feast to the eyes and to those who are adventurous, we have the famous “lechon” or roasted pig.

Geraldine, says: 2020

Mandaluyong City is one of the business centers in the Philippines. If you will visit here, you will see museums, malls, and parks. Since this is a business center, you will have everything that you need. Condominiums, malls, groceries, and even hospitals. This is a place where anyone would consider visiting or residing.

Mandaluyong City is at the heart of Manila and is easily navigated. There are various affordable apartments and condominiums around the city, and moving in will provide comfort due to the easy access to several popular shopping centers and grocery stores. Public transportations are found everywhere to help anyone get to their destinations at any time of the day. There are many places to find leisure and entertainment around the city. People around the area are highly accommodating and willing to assist individuals who recently moved in.

Someone moving to Mandaluyong City must know it is a nice place to move. It is in the middle of Philippines National Capital Region, you’ll experience traffic sometimes but not much compare to other nearby cities. There’s shopping malls, church, markets, and schools inside our hometown.

Charmaine, says: 2020

Mandaluyong city who is very friendly and hospitable., the people there are very nice and very friendly. We love celebrating all kinds of festivals, and we are also very active in different kinds of activities. You will enjoy different kinds of food. The places and scenery are spectacular too especially at night.

Mandaluyong is one of the great urbanized city in National Capital Region. You can find great shopping centers in this area like SM Megamall, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and Forum Robinsons. Mandaluyong also offers some tourist spots like Dambana ng mga Alaala (Memorial Monument) and Don Bosco Technical College, a historical site too visit.

Maryjoy, says: 2020

Mandaluyong City is the Tiger City. This city is quite unorganized and usually experiencing fire during Christmas vacation. It happens in Addition Hills; the largest barangay in Mandaluyong. Otherwise, when you live here, you will encounter good people who loves to help one another. There are different faces here but united in having a good heart.

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