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Living in Quezon City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

338 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Quezon City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 338 people living in Quezon City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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If you’re moving to Quezon City, be prepared to sweat! Hahaha. And to eat! There are a lot of restaurants to satisfy foodies.

Quezon City, Philippines offers a vibrant and enriching lifestyle that combines the best of both cultures. With a diverse and inclusive community, it fosters personal growth and connection. Quezon City offers a well-rounded lifestyle with vibrant markets, cultural landmarks, educational institutions, and career prospects. It is a place where cherished memories are made, and the heart finds rest, whether enjoying authentic Filipino cuisine, participating in local events, or exploring the city’s parks and recreational areas.

Quezon City, a massive piece of land located in the heart of Metro Manila. The city offers a wide array of entertainment services that are of course listed at a reasonable price. The city also boasts a wide array of housing with prices ranging from 4-digit prices to well beyond that. It would also be great to know that the city is home to 2 prestigious academies, The University of the Philippines Diliman and The Ateneo.

Zephaniah, says: 2020

Quezon City is a highly urbanized city. This city is the most populous city in the Philippines. It was founded by Manuel L. Quezon. Quezon City held status as the official capital before designated Manila as capital. You will find the Quezon Memorial in this City. It offers many attractions for travelers of all ages.

Nathalie, says: 2020

Quezon City is essentially the residential city of Metro Manila. This makes it a great place for anyone to move to since you’ll have access to a lot of commuting options for when you go to work or to any shopping malls. This also makes it a hub for provincial transportation so you can also be at ease knowing that you’ll be able to go to any provinces for sightseeing and relaxing.

Carriz, says: 2020

Quezon City is the biggest city in Metro Manila. It is the most modern city in terms of infrastructure and pretty much everything else. The city is well known for its historical landmarks, food destinations and entertainments spots.

Kriszha, says: 2020

Public transportation here in Quezon City will not be a problem for him or her. But there is a heavy traffic especially rush hours. I will also advise him or her to always be careful here especially at night. It is fun to explore around the city but we need to be precautious at all times.

Khrizelle, says: 2020

The people here are friendly and hospitable. However, you still need to be careful of those who could take advantage of you, especially if they notice that you are a newcomer. There are, as in many cities in the Philippines, undesirable elements. One must practice precaution in a place that is unfamiliar to them.

Donaldo, says: 2020

Quezon City is a large city and there are a lot of opportunities here, whether a person is looking for work or school. They should also have a lot of patience for the traffic. One of it’s landmark is the Quezon City Circle where Manuel L. Quezon’s remains can be found.

Quezon City is also known as the “City of Stars” located in the National Capital Region in the Philippines. It was given with such name, not because of the heavenly bodies seen in the skies of Quezon Memorial Circle, but of being homes to top broadcasting and entertainment companies in the country. Several universities like University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University and other academic institutions are also found within the city; perfect for your child’s desire for quality education. Technological industries are on the rise in the area resulting in various job openings in IT service companies.

We’re in a place where there is nearest famous restaurant and bars anywhere in here. People were anywhere around here, especially at night. This is a city like New York, most people are enjoying the city at night. It really is a big city, you will literally enjoy it here.

Quezon City is one of the most progressive cities in Metro Manila. By moving here, you would have access to a lot of malls and parks where you can spend time alone or with family and friends. The city also offers various shops, restaurants, museums, and clubs. It also offers a lot of places where you can stay comfortably, whether you are on vacation or on business.

Quezon City is the biggest in National Capital Region. Expect traffic and big crowds. But on the brighter side, opportunities are everywhere. Unlike in rural areas, Quezon City is one of the most preferred work places in the country.

Quezon City is the heart of many incredible things in the Philippines. There are a lot of malls and parks you can visit during the day, and the nightlife is very much alive. In addition, the people in Quezon City are very hospitable – they entertain and cater to the needs of every guest with a smile on their faces.

Quezon City is the largest city in my country. It has well developed and has nice places to live in. It has also many jobs opportunities here because many business owners choose to built their business in this city. This city also has many beautiful places to explore.

Kimberly, says: 2020

Our City is one of the biggest city in the National Capital Region. If you consider moving to our city, there are a lot of condominiums and hidden parks. You may consider Eco Park, it is actually located inside the subdivision in East Fairview. This hidden park is very relaxing as you can see the beauty of nature in the city.

Hyacinth, says: 2020

Quezon City is the biggest city in the whole Metro. It has the biggest population. This city is considered as one of the highly commercialized area in the whole country, which provides a lot of job opportunities. There are lots of places you can visit or go to. A lot of dining places you will surely enjoy the different delicacies and specialties offered by respectable establishments.

Herlyn, says: 2020

Quezon City is a combination of both a rural and urban setting. For example, my friends who visited my hometown Fairview felt as if they were taking a stroll in a countryside because of all the trees present and the fresh ambiance. And when it comes to the urban feeling, feel free to visit the North Edsa where you can literally see two different malls connected to one another by a bridge and surrounded by different affordable hotels and a variety of restaurants to choose from.

Moving to Quezon City has a number of pros and cons. It can be a good choice because everything is here. There are a lot of malls, restaurants, and other services such as salons, massage parlors, clinics and hospitals in the city. As for transportation, there are different ways that you can commute, such as jeeps and buses for communal transport or you may choose to get a taxi cab or book a car or a motorcycle. One of the cons of moving to this city is that it’s very congested. Consequently, traffic can get pretty heavy especially during rush hours.

Martha, says: 2020

Quezon City is known as City of Stars since many of our local celebrities are residing within the said city. Moving to the said city is beneficial because it is accessible if you’re going south or north of the country. Quezon City is also the capital of our country, Philippines.

Augustin, says: 2020

Quezon City is accessible and you will find it easy to travel in different places. There are different places that you can visit from Quezon City Circle to malls like Trinoma and SM North. You can simply ride a jeepney or a bus or even the MRT to go around.

Angella, says: 2020

Quezon City is one of the busiest places in the Metro. It is home to a lot of commercial businesses and corporate companies. Traffic could be very bad especially during rush hours. If you want to have a good time, you may pay a visit to its malls or enjoy the nightlife with its friendly bars.

If ever that you would be moving to Quezon City, you always need to have a time allowance when travelling to your destination. Why do I say so? Quezon City is one the largest cities in the Philippines with millions of residents. Can you imagine how heavy the traffic will be if most people would be going somewhere like work, school, or simply going to some errands. Your patience will always be tested, if ever you will be the driver of your own vehicle.

Quezon City is one of the most urbanized and crowded cities in the Philippines. If you are considering to move in this city, you must think about your budget first because the cost of living is really high. You must also think about your health. Ask yourself, “am I fit for this place?” due to it being heavily polluted.

Quezon city is a large, relatively greener area of the metro. There are many residential areas and commercial districts. Apart from the relatively slower lifestyle pace, there are residential places that are far from businesses and work spaces. Thus, anyone who plans to move here should consider travel time in terms of distance AND traffic.

1. The traffic is bad.
2. You need to have a vehicle for you to be able to move around because without it, you cannot do what you want. Public transport here in my city isn’t reliable.

Sherrylyn, says: 2020

Any person who considers moving to Quezon City must be ready for traffic jams. This city is famous for clogged lanes and slow traffic. They must exercise patience when dealing with irate drivers, honking cars and jaywalkers. If they can manage these issues, then they will survive this harsh city.

Edline, says: 2020

Quezon City has the largest population here in the Philippines. Our city doesn’t have much of a tourist spot but there are many historic places here. It is also one of the country’s busiest city because there are a lot of companies, hotels and malls in the city. It is really fun here in Quezon City. You will probably make lot of friends in here because we are all hospitable.

Famela, says: 2020

Our city prides of its accessible public transportation that allows a person to commute throughout the city easily. The night scenery and activities that could be seen and done here in my city are of wide variety. Although there are also downsides about living in a busy city, it is up for the people on how they are going to take advantage of it.

My city has been known as the “City of Stars”, for it has most of the very well known network in the Philippines. Such as GMA, ABS-CBN and many more. It has been originally marked as the national capital of the Philippines before being replaced by Manila. It is also a city which has the most number of population in the Philippines. There’s the Quezon City Memorial Circle, Wildlife and many attractions you can visit.

Sherwin, says: 2020

We have heavy traffic during rush hours. It is also important to watch your belongings when in public places. Have fun during your stay and savour the local dishes. Would highly recommend visiting the memorial circle and the Quezon City Hall. Be prepared to wear comfortable clothing when walking outside.

Heinrich, says: 2020

It’s the biggest city in Metro Manila. EDSA, the most traversed Metro Manila road crosses through it, so expect heavy traffic in the rush hours. The main hub is in Cubao where you will find malls, hotels, condominium residences and restaurants. There is also a wet market which is one of the busiest in the metropolis.

Carmela, says: 2020

Quezon City is a busy city so anyone considering to move here should know that they should always watch their back because there are a lot of pickpockets here. It is so fast paced here that you always need to keep moving or else you’ll fall behind. You need to wake up early to catch the bus and avoid the traffic in the morning. If you want a laid back kind of life this city is not for you.

Kathleen, says: 2020

If they’re planning to move here, they should have a big budget since finding somewhere to stay here costs quite a lot of money. Heavy traffic is a norm here and so are crowded places especially in malls and public transport. Food is quite expensive if you’ll order fast food.

Eugene, says: 2020

Quezon City is where a lot of celebrities are living. It could be because there are a lot of malls and other establishments close to each other. It is one of the biggest cities is the Metro. It isn’t too hard to commute to almost anywhere. There are also a lot of job opportunities in the area.

He/She should take note of the traffic. Always go out of the house earlier than usual to be on time if ever he/she is meeting someone. In addition, he/she should be careful if he/she has no personal vehicle as it is very dangerous outside with snatchers and hold uppers.

Novelyn, says: 2020

The city is divided into two regions, the rural, and the urban areas. It gives the best of both worlds since you can enjoy city life and a laidback one as well. Just expect heavy traffic every now and then because there are a lot of cars, and small roads.

Quezon City is located in Metro Manila. We are in the North area which the landmarks are Trinoma and SM malls. You just have to ride a jeepney that is written NIA-NPC and tell the driver to drop you off at McDonald’s in Tandang Sora. From there, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off in Troy Street. That’s where you can find my place and if you are ready to move in, there are apartments available.

Steffi, says: 2020

My city is a place where we have it all. A very busy city. From malls, to churches, to prominent universities, places to dine, to different companies for employment and many others. A great place to live in where everything is almost within your reach. We have different place to enjoy with family and friends. So experience the beauty and convenience of city living in Quezon City.

Bartholomew, says: 2020

To live in Quezon City, one must consider the location and rent price because it is a big city. Located in the Metro, this city has become one of the major business centers; employing thousands of people every year. Affordable living spaces have also become scarce, for people from the provinces flock in this city for better opportunities and high-paying jobs.

Quezon City is one of the highly urbanized cities in the Philippines. It was named after our 2nd President Manuel L. Quezon. You can find much of the entertainment industry here and it’s become a hub of Information Technology. It’s also home to The University of the Philippines. People who live here are humble and kind.

Christen, says: 2020

The City is full of crossing roads which has traffic signs, The city is full of buildings like condominiums, corporate buildings which is better for looking for a job. The City is near the market area where you can buy all things like food, clothes, anything you want is readily accessible.

Quezon City has the highest population among the cities in NCR. Populated as it may be, it still offers a conducive place to live in by maintaining several forest areas and parks. The La Mesa Watershed is located here as well as the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. This city is also considered an entertainment hub in the metro because of the famous Araneta Coliseum, which is a popular venue for concerts and other events.

The heat in this city is outrageous, from average of 29-31°C. You may need to invest in air conditioning first. Second to think about flooding. Some parts of this city are vulnerable to floods cause of clogged up sewage.

In Quezon City, you could visit many places such as parks, malls, markets, etc. My city is also known as the capital of the country because it is the central capital district where you can find many factories and business establishments. Many students from provinces prefer to study in our city because of its well-known schools and universities .

Someone should know that my City is the capital of the Philippines. It is known to be the busiest place where some of the biggest companies invested in. This is where you can find the Malacanang Palace where the president of the Philippines stays. In my city, you can see a lot of big shopping malls where the people in the provinces wish to visit.

Quezon City is known from its various tourist spots and historical places. One of the prominent attractions in Quezon City is the 11th World Scout Jamboree Memorial Rotonda which to commemorate those scouts who had lost their lives due to a plain crash while travelling to Greece to attend the 11th Jamboree. This is a symbolism of heroism and patriotism of the citizens.

Althea, says: 2020

Living in Quezon City is equal parts pleasure and pain. The newly-moved in resident will never run out of historical sites to explore, such as the massive Quezon Memorial Monument smack-dab in the middle of the city. However, getting there by any means of transport, save teleportation, would likely take an hour or two even from the nearest subdivisions. Despite its flaws, you can’t help but be charmed by the city’s ever-changing scenery, the constant hum of public transport, and the myriad stories its people and streets have to tell.

Someone visiting Quezon City should know it’s often hot and humid here throughout the year. Depending on when they visit, it could also be typhoon season. This is usually around June to September but can last well into January. Visitors should, therefore, pack appropriate clothing and protection against the elements. Regularly checking the weather forecast is also highly advised.

Jaymie, says: 2020

If someone decides to move to my city, they should learn before how to commute between places. There are different modes of transportation in my city that are necessary depending on which part they must go to. I also suggest considering where they will live, and always take note of nearby establishments for convenience.

Patricia, says: 2020

Quezon City is an urban area, most of the stores are open 24/7 due to public demand. Most of the restaurant and fast food chain serves Filipino dishes and it is a must to try. The people here are very hospitable and helpful so it would not be hard to get along with them. I must say it is more fun in Quezon City!

Quezon City is a highly urbanized city. It is the most populous city in the Philippines. It is the largest city in terms of population in Metro Manila. Our city is clean and full of people who have respect for others.

Shairama, says: 2020

The city which I belong, is one of the biggest cities in Metro Manila. There are a lot of jobs here that you could find. If you are looking for a place to relax on a weekend, this city is also perfect for it has a numerous places that offer recreational activities and sights that would surely arouse your interest and curiosity.

If you want to move to Quezon City, know that it is a highly urban city with a population of over two million. The city is bustling as some of the biggest businesses and malls can be found here. You will also find the best schools and universities in the country right in the middle of the city.

Cryscile, says: 2020

Quezon city is highly urbanized city and one of the most populous cities in the Philippines. It was named from the 2nd President of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon. The center of it is the Quezon City Circle where you can enjoy the relaxing ambiance of greenery plants and trees and at the same time, you can find some historical site within the said park.

Eduardo, says: 2020

Quezon city is a beautiful city. Although the streets are often congested with vehicles, my city is vibrant and filled with amazing tourist spots and places where one can define as their home. It also has malls and store which are easily accessible to anyone moving here.

Landbert, says: 2020

Quezon City is one of the largest city in the Philippines. You can see different structures and buildings here. From malls, markets, restaurants to cafes and bookshops. There is plenty to see in this city. The people are friendly and hospitable. The food is delicious and affordable. But if there is something ugly with this city, it is traffic.

Dorothy, says: 2020

Quezon City is a busy city. To get to a place you want to go, commuting is easy because public utility vehicles are available everywhere, or you can easily book a Grab car, but it is more expensive. Every time you go outside, you should always be careful. It is always better to have a friend accompany you if you are still not familiar with the place.

Alexiz, says: 2020

Quezon City, one of the largest cities in the Philippines, is home to three major TV networks. you must know that the population is also large. While many job-seekers would consider Quezon City as a great option to find employment in, one significant thing to keep in mind is the tight traffic.

Quezon City is a remarkable place. There are many places to visit and enjoy in the city such as the Tomas Morato area if you are a night person, and SM North Edsa for all your shopping needs. In order to get to such places, one would have to take the local transportation services such as buses, taxis, and the unique jeepneys of the country.

Samantha, says: 2020

Quezon City is City of the Star and was former capital of the Philippines. Home of major broadcasting networks such as GMA-7 and ABS-CBN. Shopping malls were also found here like Trinoma and SM. While Tomas Morato and Timog avenues are home of many restaurants and entertainment row have a wide array of prices and and flavors.

Arlene, says: 2020

Our city is full of friendly people. Though all of the people are busy, you can still see how entertainment, relaxing and bonding with their family is very important for them. It’s a place full of traffic that shows how work dedicated they are. It’s a fun place to visit, were you can see what an urban life really is.

If someone moves to my city, they should be ready to face the heavy traffic that they will experience in their daily life because it will not only affect their lifestyle but also their performance at work or school. Aside from that, houses or apartments in my city are expensive and they should be financially stable to afford that. Nonetheless, it is great to live here because hospitals, malls, schools, and police stations are reachable.

Getting out of your own place must be hard, so make some friends. Invite your neighbor to have coffee, or share some of your newly baked cookies to them. Allow yourself to explore. It doesn’t hurt if you make some things that is out of your personality. be confident and enjoy whatever it is that you’ll be doing in Quezon city.

Charlie, says: 2020

If someone is a nature enthusiast: Quezon City, the largest city in Metro Manila in terms of population and land area, also has the largest pockets of green. Among them are three popular public spaces. Quezon Memorial Circle is a tree-dense 67-acre park with a 66-meter shrine as its centerpiece. Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife is a 56-acre zoological and botanical garden of indigenous flora and fauna. La Mesa Eco Park is an 81-acre recreation woodland housing Metro Manila’s major water reservoir.

If someone is a student: Quezon City is home to the country’s top higher education institutions: the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo de Manila University. Both have registered on the QS World University Rankings.

When one moves to Quezon City, know about several places to satisfy your food and art cravings because what’s life without those, right? Maginhawa is the place if you want to go on a food venture. The place offers different kinds of food, you name it, they have it! Italian, Chinese, Authentic Filipino, American, Asian-American Fusion, etc! To all the art enthusiasts, Art in Island in Cubao is the place for you. Art in Island is a 3D interactive museum perfect for families, friends, and couples. You can relax after a long day and shop in their vintage stores or simply grab a drink at one of their bars.

Jovanie, says: 2020

Quezon city, where I live, is in the National Capital Region. It is a safe place. It is highly urbanized and is a melting pot of people from diverse backgrounds. It also has a lot of amenities similar to those of bigger metropolitan cities. I recommend that you live in my city.

Kristine, says: 2020

Quezon City is one of the most populous city in the Philippines. If you’re moving here, get ready because traffic is one of the major problems here. Sometimes, people spend 2-3 hours travelling to their workplace especially during rush hour. Although the government are doing their best to find a solution for this, traffic is still a big problem that the Quezon City has to face.

Aubrey, says: 2020

Housing cost here are much higher than other city, but if you are considering quality of life, I can guarantee your safety here, people in neighborhood are friendly and very accessible in school, hospitals, markets and malls. Cost of Living is a little bit high compare to other cities. Consider also the transportation very accessible.

Julianne, says: 2020

My hometown, Quezon City, has itself with economic growth and dazzling buildings. However, there are still a number of informal settling areas around. traffic during peak hours is horrible. Consider having two-hour time allotment when going to work or school. Finally, thieves flock in the city. Be vigilant at all times.

It is part of the National Capital Region. Many opportunities can be found here like meeting and forming new relations. In this city nationalities are diverse from around the world. It’s one of the prosperous city in the country. Investors establish their businesses here due to the higher population and quality of living. It has lower cost compared to the provinces and everything is accessible you won’t need to travel far to get what you need. There are top notch schools, highly equipped hospitals and there are many choices for transportation.

It is a very busy city. Public transportations are also available so one would not have a problem if he does not have his own car. There are also stores everywhere, but there are several malls too. You just need to be very careful when you are traveling alone. Always be safe wherever you go.

There’s a lot of things to be considered when moving here: first, is the distance from your work. Second, how modernized the culture rather than living in the province. Third, is the mode of transportation and lastly, the cost of living which has the biggest impact in order for you to survive.

Quezon City has a lot to offer. Despite the city’s busy status, there are places to visit that can make anyone relaxed. There are museums, amusement parks, malls, and food places to enjoy. Having these present in Quezon City, no one could say no living in this city. Staying and working in Quezon City would be that fun and exciting.

Alexsys, says: 2020

Quezon City is one of the most populated city in the Philippines. It also has high crime rate. However, it is also the center of productions and industries therefore it is still a good idea to consider living in here. most people in Quezon City are approachable and easy to go along with.

Janine, says: 2020

Quezon City is the city of the stars as they call it. The senate is located here, too, so most senators and congressmen live around the city. They would not choose to live here if it isn’t the best. Traffic is all over the metro, but because we have so many trees in here, the air is fresher and cleaner; this is especially true around Commonwealth Avenue, UP campus, and in the circle. If you are not a Filipino, you will find it easy to live in the areas of BF Homes, Filinvest, Katipunan, to name a few as there are a lot of other foreigners living in said places. There are train stations here, too If you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy the long period of time traveling. The metro is flooded when it rains.

Shenamine, says: 2020

There’s a city within Quezon City. It was recently named as Araneta City and is the center of commerce and transportation. You can easily go to different places thru bus, trains, and jeepneys. There’s also various shopping establishments that are adjacent to each other. All of which are owned by different companies hence, there are lot of various choices. You will surely enjoy staying here.

Adelyne, says: 2020

They must see the beautiful beaches like Palawan, Boracay. famous scenery like Mayon Volcano, Taal, and more. Even delicacies in every cities like Adobo, Balut, and more that Philippines can offer. And the people here are very polite and kind. And most especially all the places you can see here are very beautiful and known all over the world that every Filipinos are very proud of.

Marielle, says: 2020

Someone should consider knowing about the terrible traffic in our city. Another one is how conservative the people around might be because it is part of the culture. It is also important to know people in our city values respect and privacy. Nevertheless, our city has its own unique beauty.

Our city is strict with following the city rules, especially with segregating our trash. Our city has a schedule on collecting our trash and if your trash is not segregated properly, it won’t be collected.

Jaylord, says: 2020

Someone moving to Quezon City needs to have the patience to withstand traffic and the heat. One must be ready to allocate extra time when commuting. Although it is quite traffic and noisy at times my city is one of the cleanest and most safe place if anyone seeks a place.

Quezon City is the largest city in Metro Manila, and it has the largest population in the country. It has a healthy and vibrant culture. QC is home to one of the largest malls in the Asia, if not the world. The name of the mall is SM North EDSA and it has four “wings”: The Annex, The Main Mall, The Block, and The North Towers. If you are someone who loves entertainment, this city is for you.

Meynard, says: 2020

Quezon City is convenient. We have numerous hospitals, markets, schools, malls, and other facilities that are necessities for your everyday life. It is also accessible because of our variety of transportation. If you want an easy access life, my city civilization can offer you that. Plus, this is the city where celebrities are living. If you want to experience seeing them right outside your door, you should consider moving here.

Quezon City does not have the best local government. My suggestion to anyone moving here to reconsider their intention of moving. If rich local culture is what you are looking for, Quezon city is not the city you are looking for. I suggest either Manila city or Pasig city if you desire an interesting and lively place.

Kristoffer, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Quezon City must consider traffic as part of their lifestyle. Quezon City is the biggest City in Metro Manila so it is one of the most populated and most urbanized areas. It is also a central business district so the volume of vehicle and foot traffic is high.

Joshua, says: 2020

Quezon City is a crowded place in the Philippines. But there are a lot of hospitable people who can help you and help you if you’re having trouble in our culture and if you lost your way to your destination. this is also a good place for sightseeing since there is also a lot of tourists spot here.

Quezon city is the largest city in the Philippines and the most populous consisting of more than three million people. Most people from the provinces of the Philippines look for jobs in Quezon city because of the wide range of jobs available. Most of the best universities are also found in Quezon city, which is University of the Philippines Diliman and Ateneo De Manila.

Kathlene, says: 2020

Quezon City is one of the most hospitable city that exists. Aside from being closest to the capital of the Philippines which is Manila, Quezon City offers a variety of affordable places to live by. It is one of the most accessible city as it does not require much time to commute from one place to another because there are a lot of public transportations to choose from such as trains, busses, taxi’s, tricycles and one of the main symbol of the Filipino culture which is jeepneys.

Fionalyn, says: 2020

Someone moving to Quezon City should sport a brave heart. There are many swindlers in this area so a little knowledge would be great. In order to live in this city, a stable income would help. Having a job is essential these days. Perhaps few people or you could say friends or family, would serve as their support group. Having a support group would help one maintain their mental and emotional stability. A simple house, not too extravagant that has one’s necessities may also be helpful.

Hijanel, says: 2020

Prior to moving to Quezon City, you need to be aware of traffic jams. These traffic jams become especially problematic especially during rush hour. you may need to budget your time accordingly. Another thing you have to note is that the city is a bustling metropolis. It is vibrant and interesting. However, move to the more affluent parts of the city for your own safety.

Kimberly, says: 2020

The streets of Quezon City are always busy be it day or night. The people are incredibly nice and polite. The nightlife and various go-to places should be seen when moving to this city. Although traffic congestion and overpopulation are still a problem, you would enjoy staying at Quezon City.

Rannah, says: 2020

he or she should be able to adapt quickly. My city is a very fast-paced one, so one should always have a quick presence of mind. Quezon City is a good place for those who wants to have a vibrant city life and has an inclination to busy streets.

Kryzell, says: 2020

Quezon City is the largest and most populated city in the country. It known for being highly urbanized compared to other in the Philippines. Being populous, it is difficult to escape the chaos; in malls, streets, offices etc. In Quezon City is where you will also find the top universities and high schools in the country. A major reason as to why this city is the most populated is because when most people decide to move to the city from the province, this is where they go.

Cristina, says: 2020

If you’re moving to Quezon City, be aware that this city is highly commercialized. Compared to other metropolitan areas in the Philippines, Metro Manila, where Quezon City is based, has many jobs. This has to do with that Metro Manila is the country’s seat of government. Thus, Quezon City, Philippines, is a great choice of city to move to if you’re thinking of leaving your hometown.

Someone should know Quezon City has a World-class Education and it is the home for several leading universities and academic institutions in the country, such as private research university Ateneo de Manila University, premier women’s academic institution Miriam College, and the world-renowned University of the Philippines. If you choose to live in this city, your children will have multiple options for a decent and high-quality education especially if you’re planning to learn the Filipino language.

Someone moving to Quezon City should know city’s rules and regulation first since it is the most important thing for a resident to be aware of. Awareness regarding these things will avoid doing something that is against the law of the city. One should as well know directions and necessary places such as schools or universities, supermarkets, hospitals, police stations and others. Being well-aware of these necessary information will be a great help to live at ease.

Djamela, says: 2020

Consider the obvious poverty of the region. Living in a city like this might be a hassle for people who used to live in well-developed regions, as they used to have more technologically advanced appliances, and more refined materials. Despite being poor, our people are one of the most hospitable around the world, aside from that Filipinos in general, are one of the happiest and kindest people, globally. It might be hard to adjust to living in these conditions, but with the people you might meet, adjusting here also might not be that difficult.

Quezon city is an urban metropolis that contains all the elements of surprise. Hidden inside the city are sprawling shopping malls, museums, and other amenities that will keep you entertained. Should you wish to move to Quezon City, you may need to consider traffic jams, which are a daily part of life for people here. Traffic jams here are infamous, so you may need more patience than normal.

Laurine, says: 2020

Quezon City is one of the highest profit city in our country. You can see high buildings and the biggest Television network, the prestigious tower of Quezon City Hall, the biggest condominium, malls and many other establishments. Come and move her in our city and be safe always.

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