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San Fernando is a fairly small city in the Philippines located in the province of Pampanga. This city has over 5 malls, and the malls are far different from those in most countries, as a lot of services are offered in Philippine malls such as shopping, dining, tech repairs, cinemas, and the like. Additionally, there are also various heritage sites in this city for tourists to visit. This may be a small city, but there are a lot of things to do here.

San Fernando city or Lakanbalen ning Sampenandu in Kapampangan is the capital of Pampanga. It is named after King Ferdinand VI of Spain. It is known for its Giant Lantern Festival every December, popularly known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines. Kapampangans are so welcoming that you might want to stay a little longer than you should once you visit this city.

Fabiolah, says: 2020

My city is known to be the Christmas Capital of the Philippines. During Christmas season, we celebrate a festival which is known as, the Giant Lantern Festival. In here, different barangays around Pampanga are asked to participate. Furthermore, we Kapampangans are also known to be a great cook. Most of the dishes that are initially made here in the Pampanga like sisig and taba ng talangka are some of the dishes we’re all proud of.

Sophia, says: 2020

Our city has it all necessities wherein people living here can access all that he or she wants and needs. There are lots of hospitals, big malls, restaurants and many more where we can enjoy spending time with family and friends. There are also lots of opportunities to seek job since there are lots of big companies in the city.

Kimberly, says: 2020

Someone considering to move in our city should know that the City of San Fernando is the Christmas Capital of the Philippines. Every Christmas season, the city celebrates the Giant Lantern festival which became one of the tourist attraction. Aside from that, there are many historical landmarks and buildings where they can learn about the city’s past and heritage.

One thing to know before considering to move in to our city is that businesses close as early as 7:00 in the evening. Our city is not as urban in nature, as the capital cities are.

Our city is known because of its great food and hospitality of our people. Apart from our traditions, we celebrate Christmas wholeheartedly compared to any other cities in the Philippines. Starting September of each year, we decorate our roads and homes with Christmas decors like lanterns, and we always play Christmas music every morning! Plus, we are known for our great food like sisig and many more!

Located northwest of Manila, San Fernando is arguably the best back-up plan when one seeks to find career or other opportunities in the urban setting. San Fernando prides itself with the best cuisine in the whole country. In addition, Kapampangans can be described as a relatively attractive populace in terms of physical and characteristics and aesthetics.

Whether you are a young professional looking for a meaningful career, a family person looking for a dynamic place to settle down, or a budding entrepreneur looking for a viable place to grow your business at, you might want to consider moving North of Metro Manila. The City of San Fernando, Pampanga, in particular, is fast becoming a popular real estate destination in Central Luzon, with its booming tourism, fishing and cottage industries, along with its flair for arts, history, food, and its colorful festivals, giving life to the province. Coupled with the government’s massive infrastructure program which links the emerging area closer to more towns and cities via interconnected transportation routes, things are starting to look up for Pampanga.

Jeanette, says: 2020

Our city has a different foods to enjoy simply because our city is the ‘Culinary Capital of Philippines. Aside from that anyone visiting San Fernando can see different giant lanterns made by us. Additionally our city is one of the places should visit because we preserved different culture since long time ago.

Shahara, says: 2020

The City of San Fernando is a well-known city across the country, known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines. Every December a competition is held, named the Giant Lantern Festival. Each district shows a variety of lanterns made and designed by its residents. The Giant Lanterns are displayed from December to January, in which people could watch the lights dance daily.

Culinary capital of the Philippines. Because in my Cities a lot of people they have know how to cook and we can preserve food. Aside from that we have a lots of exotics food, like frog, kakamaru etc. And because of that I will confident to promote my city into other cities.

We have a rich culture that are interesting for everybody, we have a lot of landmarks and we are the culinary capital of the country so we are rich in foods and rich all so in history one of this is the erupting of the mt. Pinatubo and the most important we people, we are lovely, caring and loud.

Justin, says: 2020

San Fernando, Pampanga, is one of the historical city in the history. Its historical background rekindles the feeling of nationalism among us Kapampangans. It is known as the Food Capital of the Philippines where you can taste our very own Kapampangan Cuisine. San Fernando features an annual competition called the “GIANT LANTERN FESTIVAL,” which has become popular and the city has been nicknamed the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines.”

San Fernando city is the home of the Giant Lantern Festival that we celebrate each year. It is also said to be one of the most grand and colorful festivals in the country. In relation to this? Our city has been known for being the Christmas Capital of the Philippines.

Krizelle, says: 2020

San Fernando, is the capital of Pampanga in the Philippines. It is known as the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines”. It is named such, for the reason it is the major producer of lanterns in the Philippines. It is also famous for being the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines”, a lot of native Filipino dish were from San Fernando.

Maryjoy, says: 2020

The City of San Fernando in Pampanga, is one of the places you should be considering when moving. Why? This place is in a province, which means, it is far from areas wherein, there are lots of people, traffic and pollution. This place is well known for its beautiful lanterns that you can see when the Christmas season is coming. You can enjoy the fresh air and relax!

Christine, says: 2020

If someone moves here know that San Fernando, Pampanga, is enriched in culture especially on its delicacies and foods making it the “Food Capital” of the Philippines. San Fernando is also considered as one of the center of the industries in Pampanga making it the heart of the province. Aside for being the “Food Capital” of the Philippines, it is known as the “Christmas Capital” of the country since it celebrates the event wholeheartedly. It offers a lot of malls, restaurants and businesses. Everything you need is in this city.

Twinkle, says: 2020

San Fernando City is very well-known for its people. They are very hospitable, respectful and well- disciplined. You can choose our city as the cleanest one. This is the safe place could ever be. San fernando is best for its locality and development. City of san fernando is known for its giant lantern festival.

City of San Fernando is in the province of Pampanga and it is also its capital. City of San Fernando have many malls including three SM’s, one Robinsons and two S&R. It is known as the Christmas capital of the Philippines. Well known for its rich culture and giant lanterns.

Christian, says: 2020

Our city had become crowded over the years. expect a lot of establishments (malls, restaurants, etc.) located close to each other. Heavy traffic has also been a problem for the past years, thus, air is not as fresh as it was before. However, since it is in the province, it is rich in culture.

Residing in our city is just very simple as long as you are willing to adopt the life it can offer. traffic is inevitable. You have to get up and travel early if you have an errand at eight am because apparently that is what they call as the rush hour when everyone is very eager to ride vehicles.

Krisna, says: 2020

Everyone has his own preferences when moving in to a city and if he prefers being in a lively place, with fun people, and having great food, my city is a great option for him. In the city of San Fernando, it is always morning where people and businesses almost do not stop working. Anyone who wants to move here also won’t be having any problems on making good friends because people here are very friendly and tend to laugh away their problems. Aside from the people, the city of San Fernando, is proud of its exquisite food and its province, Pampanga, which is known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines.

Our city is the Christmas Capital of the Philippines. During the Christmas season, a lot of people from different places come here to see big and colorful lanterns spread throughout the streets. This city is popular for creating big lanterns. We even celebrating festival called The Giant Lantern Festival where each different streets will contest their own made big lanterns.

Benjamin, says: 2020

San Fernando City, in the province of Pampanga, is considered the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. It caters a wide variety of dishes that will totally capture your heart. In the present, a lot of businesses have situated offices around the cities of Pampanga because it is easily accessible to nearby provinces.

Waymar, says: 2020

Someone should consider moving in San Fernando since it is one of the fast rising cities in the Philippines. There are a lot of opportunities in agriculture, commercial and industrial industry. its location is not far from the metro. Therefore, transportation is not difficult. Also, it has a lower cost of living.

Christine, says: 2020

San Fernando City is very accessible to the market, malls, pharmacies and restaurants. Terminals and hospitals are also accessible in our city. We’ve got three malls and more than five hospitals. There are also a lot of milk tea stores that everyone enjoys.

Vianca, says: 2020

City of San Fernando is best known as the Culinary capital of the Philippines. You can experience good food and ambiance here. Kapampangans are also known to be jolly and hospitable. During Christmas season, one of the famous attractions here is the Giant Lantern Festival where people gather to watch the lanterns filled with glancing lights accompanied by upbeat music.

Nicole, says: 2020

San Fernando City is perfect for leisure and recreation. It has the best parks and facilities that a city has to offer. It has the lowest crime rate in the region and it has one of the top notch medical facility in the world. The great part about my city are the nearby lakes.

Kristle, says: 2020

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