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What are the shopping options like in San Fernando City, Pampanga?

six local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what six local experts had to say about shopping in San Fernando City, Pampanga.

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San Fernando is a fairly small city in the Philippines located in the province of Pampanga. This city has over 5 malls, and the malls are far different from those in most countries, as a lot of services are offered in Philippine malls such as shopping, dining, tech repairs, cinemas, and the like. Additionally, there are also various heritage sites in this city for tourists to visit. This may be a small city, but there are a lot of things to do here.

Our city has it all necessities wherein people living here can access all that he or she wants and needs. There are lots of hospitals, big malls, restaurants and many more where we can enjoy spending time with family and friends. There are also lots of opportunities to seek job since there are lots of big companies in the city.

Kimberly, says: 2020

If someone moves here know that San Fernando, Pampanga, is enriched in culture especially on its delicacies and foods making it the “Food Capital” of the Philippines. San Fernando is also considered as one of the center of the industries in Pampanga making it the heart of the province. Aside for being the “Food Capital” of the Philippines, it is known as the “Christmas Capital” of the country since it celebrates the event wholeheartedly. It offers a lot of malls, restaurants and businesses. Everything you need is in this city.

Twinkle, says: 2020

City of San Fernando is in the province of Pampanga and it is also its capital. City of San Fernando have many malls including three SM’s, one Robinsons and two S&R. It is known as the Christmas capital of the Philippines. Well known for its rich culture and giant lanterns.

Christian, says: 2020

Our city had become crowded over the years. expect a lot of establishments (malls, restaurants, etc.) located close to each other. Heavy traffic has also been a problem for the past years, thus, air is not as fresh as it was before. However, since it is in the province, it is rich in culture.

San Fernando City is very accessible to the market, malls, pharmacies and restaurants. Terminals and hospitals are also accessible in our city. We’ve got three malls and more than five hospitals. There are also a lot of milk tea stores that everyone enjoys.

Vianca, says: 2020
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