Population: 123,749

What are safety and crime like in Polokwane, Limpopo?

seven local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 7 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Polokwane.

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There are a lot of job opportunities. It is the healthiest South African city. Known for its sunny weather, fresh air, spas and green space. It was even named the “Greenest municipality in South Africa”. It is also known as a place of safety. There are three common languages spoken in this city.

Kadisha, says: 2020

There are a lot of fun activities one can do all around our city. We have a wide range of game reserves at affordable prices. The crime rate is a bit at its peak at the moment but it’s nothing our law enforcement can’t handle.

Someone moving to our city must be aware of the climatic conditions of our city as it tends to be hot, thus most people coming from cooler regions may find it hard to adjust. One other thing to be taken into consideration is the crime activities that are currently taking place.

Makhauta, says: 2020

It is a vibrant city full of different people and cultures. The food is amazing, and so is the various activities you can engage in. There are also entertainment events that one can choose to go to, with different celebrities and artists. There crime rate is still on the rise, however there are precautions been taken to deal with this.

The beauty and safety of the City. And How it has different cultures and a rich Historical Background. it would be an amazing place to stay in. It also has a small town which would not get a visitor Lost. Lastly, the friendliness of the people who are staying in the City.

Malose, says: 2020

If moving to Polokwane, do avoid the downtown as there is a high crime rate. Uptown, Although a little costly, has wonderful parks and the air is clean. And also, there are a lot of grocery shops and a mall. The mall is within a five KM radius. I do hope you come to Polokwane.

Raydene, says: 2020

I’m from a small area just outside Polokwane. The area is made of townhouses. We are a loving neighborhood, we treat each other like family. When it comes to security, the area is well protected as we having patrolling cars and a police station. We also have a sports ground for soccer and rugby.

Yanelisa, says: 2020

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