Safety and Crime in Dumaguete City

nine local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 9 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Dumaguete City.

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He should know that our city is called “the city of gentle people”. And I want him to know that he should act as one for him to belong. He should also know that the crime rate in our city is low so that he won’t be afraid to live and raise his family in this city.

Rommel, says: 2020

If someone is going to move to my city they must consider their living expenses like how much is their budget and what kind of hotels or houses their looking for. They must know how to speak the dialect or at least can speak English. And lastly, they must check our city’s weather and safety.

Prince, says: 2020

Know the people in our City are kind and gentle. Even if the people there do not know you as long as they know that you are needing help from them they are willing to lend their hands. There are least number of crimes reported in our City and all the tourist have fun while at ease because nothing will try to harm them. The people there are very reliable.

Dumaguete city is the best place to retire. Dumaguete is “The City of Gentle People” with its walkable land area, beautiful spots, and very accommodating people. Traffic is also not a problem. In terms of criminal cases, Dumaguete has a low crime rate. Visit Dumaguete, Philippines, and enjoy our place!

Danielle, says: 2020

Someone moving to Dumaguete should know there are less crimes committed in here. This city is considered the city of gentle people for everyone is exceedingly generous. Dumaguete city contains two international schools which are Silliman University and Saint Louis School of Don Bosco. Silliman University is one of the highlights in this city for its tremendous campus and it’s Anthropology museum.

Dumaguete is the City of Gentle People. It is a great place. There are numerous spots that can be found which explains why foreigners love to take their vacation here. It is a safe place because the crime rate is very low. And the most attractive asset of the place is the people in the city. They are hospitable and warm. Therefore, you can live here without worries at all.

Dumaguete City is rich with different historical figures. The people are genuine and very hospitable when it comes to treating visitors whereas they got the nickname, The City of Gentle People. It is also the City in Central Visayas with less crime rates. it is peaceful and traffic free.

Shalum, says: 2020

Our city may be small but it is kind of relaxing and has a serene environment. There is peace and order since the people are also involved in crime prevention. It has a number of scenic spots where one can go for unwinding and for some adventure. It has been named as one of the Best Cities to Retire, a survey made from the viewpoint of expatriates who have been in the country to visit or stay for good.

They need to know my city has gentle people, good food, and good life. My city was also listed in top seven retiring places. This place is good for people who retired in their job and move here. There is nothing to worry about in this city. The security also is very strict.

Rheysa, says: 2020

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