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Parks, Recreation, and Greenspace in Tampa, Florida

five local experts

From neighborhood playgrounds to flagship parks, what does Tampa have to offer? Here's what five local experts had to say about parks and greenspace in Tampa, Florida.

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Tampa, Florida, is a bustling city. The cruise port, international airport and amusement parks draw business to the city year-round. Tampa’s population is booming as well, resulting in an expansion of our roadways – which means more traffic! Tampa offers an eclectic mix of activities and venues, providing opportunities for natives and newcomers alike to socialize.

Dorothy, says: 2020

The Tampa Bay Area is the heart of SouthWest Florida. The Tampa area is filled with many vacation-oriented places to live. The weather in Tampa is consistently warm throughout the year. Even during the winter season it stays warm. Going to the beach during December is normal. The Florida Aquarium is a nice place to bring your family. The aquarium has over 7,000 aquatic animals and plants. Busch Gardens has animals, live entertainment, and rollercoasters. Tampa also houses the Tampa Museum of Art and Dali Museum.

Briana, says: 2020

Tampa, FL, is a wonderful city to raise children. In Tampa, there are many parks and playgrounds. Busch Gardens theme park has roller coasters and rides. Adventure Island has many pools and water slides. Tampa is also about 30 minutes from the beach. There are several private schools in Tampa as well.

Shaneada, says: 2020

Tampa is a thriving tourist metropolis. We have a very active social and nightlife but also a very nice balance for raising a family as there are many family activities, parks, beaches and theme parks. We have a variety of sports leagues to include hockey, baseball, and football. Tampa is a city with an old soul but with vibrant colors and neighborhoods.

Rolando, says: 2020

Tampa is a city that has a lot to do. There are theme parks, walking trails, and a vibrant food and drink scene. My favorite neighborhood is Carrollwood, it has everything you need within five miles. Rent prices have gone up recently, so it isn’t very affordable any more. I like the slower pace of Tampa compared to Orlando.

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