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Art, Galleries, and More in Tampa, Florida

three local experts

From murals to galleries to sculptures, here's what three local experts had to say about art and artists in Tampa, Florida.

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Each city neighborhood has its own character and holds its own hidden gems. One of the leading neighborhoods of Tampa is Ybor City which owned the title of being the Cigar Capital of the world. Ybor was also founded by Spanish immigrants and all around this area are lots of Spanish restaurants, monuments, and Spanish art. Each district of Tampa is like its own world.

If someone moves to Tampa, it is necessary that they buy a rental car. Visiting the beach is not far, but there are many other things to do as well. The art museum has many interesting pieces. Lastly, visiting the Soho area there is many restaurants and bars for everyone to enjoy.

Jennifer, says: 2020

The Tampa Bay Area is the heart of SouthWest Florida. The Tampa area is filled with many vacation-oriented places to live. The weather in Tampa is consistently warm throughout the year. Even during the winter season it stays warm. Going to the beach during December is normal. The Florida Aquarium is a nice place to bring your family. The aquarium has over 7,000 aquatic animals and plants. Busch Gardens has animals, live entertainment, and rollercoasters. Tampa also houses the Tampa Museum of Art and Dali Museum.

Briana, says: 2020
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