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What are the shopping options like in Tampa, Florida?

six local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what six local experts had to say about shopping in Tampa, Florida.

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The City of Tampa used to be the known as the Cigar Capital of the World. However, after years of regulation on tobacco products, there is only one active cigar factory left in the historic Ybor city. In many places there are old cobblestone roads, and trolleys. I fell in love with Tampa Bay from the first moment I had set eyes upon it.

Tampa has stunning beaches. South Florida speaks around 128 languages. All around Tampa are many restaurants and attractions of different cultures. The best part of Tampa is the Hispanic history. Ponce de Leon (Spanish Explorer) came to the Tampa area in the 1500s. Hundreds of years later Cuban and Spanish fishermen settled in Tampa and established the Havana Market.

Marlyn, says: 2020

Prior to moving to Tampa, Florida, I recommend having a job in place. There are several scattered mom and pop places throughout the city, welcoming new faces and perspectives. The beaches, tokens of the Floridian experience, surround downtown Tampa. The city is a hub for nightlife in historic Ybor, the streets lined with clubs and shops. Be mindful that a car is the best use of transportation as the bus system is central to the immediate city.

Elizabeth, says: 2020

Tampa, Fl is a dense, busy and growing city. Any new resident may feel overwhelmed initially, however here are some helpful tips regarding a potential move here: invest in a reliable car and great insurance, for Tampa drivers are mad; sunscreen will be your best friend; flood the interior and exterior of your living space with plants, if possible, to assist with temperature cooling and air quality; speaking of flooding, you will most likely be required to purchase flood insurance, aim for a higher-ground zone for lower costs; learn about the history of the area and visit Ybor City for an interesting experience.

Someone moving to my city must know that we are highly populated. They would know that we have number of sales and technology jobs, and they would also know that the highest ethnic group after Caucasians is Hispanics. Because we are highly populated, they should know traffic is going to be very congested.

Tampa is a city that has a lot to do. There are theme parks, walking trails, and a vibrant food and drink scene. My favorite neighborhood is Carrollwood, it has everything you need within five miles. Rent prices have gone up recently, so it isn’t very affordable any more. I like the slower pace of Tampa compared to Orlando.

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