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What are nightlife and clubbing like in Birmingham, England?

four local experts

Are there clubs? Are they any good? When do they close? Here's what four local experts had to say about nightlife in Birmingham, England.

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Birmingham is such an alive upcoming place and also is the second largest city! It offers a wide variety of things to do, from having the best restaurants to a very busy nightlife and thriving bars. There is something to do for everyone… even the younger ones.

Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom. While it now holds a significant place in British society, Birmingham has come to relevance relatively recently compared to other British cities. Birmingham is a product of the industrial revolution. Even today, a visitor does not have to walk far to see old factory buildings that make up the city’s historic Jewellery Quarter. Modern Birmingham consists of a variety of fantastic restaurants, beautiful canals and buzzing nightlife.

Birmingham is often described as a concrete wasteland, but this is not the case. Surrounding the city are some delightful villages and a vast amount of countryside that is begging to be explored. There are many opportunities to take in the sights of Birmingham, with an excellent nightlife, and restaurants aplenty. There is a possibility of bias from myself but to attend a football game at the famous Villa Park is wonderful, and showcases the people of the city in a fantastic light.

Jasmine, says: 2020

Birmingham is vibrant, cosmopolitan and has a host of great restaurants. I live about eight miles from the city centre and only a short train ride from Michelin star restaurants and world class bars. I highly recommend you visit Ginger’s Bar if you don’t want to splash out on visiting Glynn Purnell’s restaurant. There are some charming cocktail bars around Colmore Row, try The Alchemist for a theatrical experience you will not forget.

Giulia, says: 2020
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