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Music and Concerts in Tulsa, Oklahoma

three local experts

Whether you're a fan of smooth jazz or heavy metal, you can stream it all from your phone. But what if you want some live music? What are the Tulsa options like? From local bands to orchestral offerings, here's what three local experts had to say about music in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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When moving to Tulsa, it is important to learn about the various outdoor trails which include our latest addition, The Gathering Place. A few of the features include outdoor sports courts, splash pads for the hot summer months, and a skate park to name a few. We also have summer music festivals and wonderful downtown restaurants. These are just a few reasons behind what makes living in Tulsa wonderful for every citizen.

Samantha, says: 2020

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a growing city of artists and entrepreneurs. While the music and art scene is still relatively small, Tulsa artists are honing their craft and coming into their own. The downtown is booming with all manner of artists, and residents can be seen migrating through the city streets at all hours, gawking at the art on the buildings and the street musicians busking. People looking to move to Tulsa should know they will encounter talented artists, rich history, and a community of Oklahoman’s dedicated to bettering themselves, and the world, through culture.

If you were moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma I would consider visiting the various Museums. As they are rich with Native American history and can give you a good glimpse of the sense of culture that resides within the Tulsa community. Another notable thing to mention about the Tulsa community is the music culture that has evolved over the years. Many new folks would assume that Tulsa, just like any other midwest or southern state, is all about country music. But if you were to visit the community for yourself, you would notice that Tulsa has a vast diversity of music genres. Ranging from Metal to Rock or Hip Hop to Pop Music, Tulsa has it all for music goers with annual music festivals and other small performances. Bottom line is that Tulsa is the place for entertainment purposes or just general weekend outings.

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