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Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

16 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Tulsa, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 16 people living in Tulsa what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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16 comments on “Tulsa”

Tulsa, OK is not what you think. It’s the 2nd largest city in Oklahoma. It’s a thriving city with small city hospitality. It’s in the so-called Bible Belt and yet is both liberal and conservative. A truly great city to live in and visit.

Beverly, says: 2023

When moving to Tulsa, it is important to learn about the various outdoor trails which include our latest addition, The Gathering Place. A few of the features include outdoor sports courts, splash pads for the hot summer months, and a skate park to name a few. We also have summer music festivals and wonderful downtown restaurants. These are just a few reasons behind what makes living in Tulsa wonderful for every citizen.

Samantha, says: 2020

Tulsa is a lovely city, with rolling hills and a ton of trees. It has all the benefits of a large city, and all the benefits of small town. Tulsa has a very low cost of living and gorgeous neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods are better than others, so it’s important to use a knowledgeable realtor.

Michelle, says: 2020

When coming into the city of Tulsa, always expect the weather to be perfect. While the state is known for having tornadoes, it is quite rare seeing them in the Tulsa area. Another thing to expect to see is a lot of trees and parks. Going on walks and hiking are some of the best activities to attend while living in the city.

A city with unparalleled parks, architecture, restaurants and hotels, Tulsa has proven itself one of the finest places to live and visit. Once known as the oil capital of the world, Tulsa has a rich history and generations of proud “Okie” natives who have fought hard to restore Tulsa to its former glory. Whether eating downtown, walking through The Gathering Place or driving down Route 66, the beauty and long lasting history of Tulsa will surround you.

It’s a wonderful place to raise a family and be a pet owner! The river walk is very clean and beautiful. Crime is low and people are quite friendly around town. Tulsa is a warm, caring place devoted to the welfare of people.

Ariana, says: 2020

I am fairly new to my city, Tulsa, so my knowledge is limited. Tulsa is the home of both University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. Secondary education is rated higher than primary education in Tulsa. Tulsa is a retirement city offering little by way of entertainment.

Amanda, says: 2020

Tulsa is a great place. The Gathering Place is my family’s favorite attraction. It is like an amusement park but free to all. Tulsa has a low cost of living, housing is very affordable and commutes are under 15 minutes to any place in the city.

Tulsa is well known for its warm and welcoming people. No matter who you are or where you’re from you will be greeted by friendly faces. People are always ready and willing to reach out a hand to help in Tulsa. You may think chivalry is dead but not in Tulsa.

Lauren, says: 2020

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a growing city of artists and entrepreneurs. While the music and art scene is still relatively small, Tulsa artists are honing their craft and coming into their own. The downtown is booming with all manner of artists, and residents can be seen migrating through the city streets at all hours, gawking at the art on the buildings and the street musicians busking. People looking to move to Tulsa should know they will encounter talented artists, rich history, and a community of Oklahoman’s dedicated to bettering themselves, and the world, through culture.

Tulsa has the warmth of a small town and the opportunities of a large city. The culture varies between neighborhoods, but there is a sense of unity across the city limits. There are many places to shop, dine, explore, and socialize. Tulsa is a city full of passionate, creative citizens.

Lacretia, says: 2020

I really believe that Tulsa is a good place to move. Depending on what you like, you may like certain sides of town better than others. It’s has places and activities for everyone from the city lovers to the laid back country folk. We have very family friendly activities and spots for all to enjoy.

If you were moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma I would consider visiting the various Museums. As they are rich with Native American history and can give you a good glimpse of the sense of culture that resides within the Tulsa community. Another notable thing to mention about the Tulsa community is the music culture that has evolved over the years. Many new folks would assume that Tulsa, just like any other midwest or southern state, is all about country music. But if you were to visit the community for yourself, you would notice that Tulsa has a vast diversity of music genres. Ranging from Metal to Rock or Hip Hop to Pop Music, Tulsa has it all for music goers with annual music festivals and other small performances. Bottom line is that Tulsa is the place for entertainment purposes or just general weekend outings.

When moving to Tulsa, one should keep in mind that it is uniquely diverse for the region. While dangerously close to the “bible belt” of the United States, some may find it a shock to find a wide variety of hedonistic activities openly displayed among the many churches and sites for religious gatherings. Cannabis dispensaries, sex shops, strip clubs, and smoke shops make up an immense and integral part of Tulsa’s economy; despite city officials passing a law to allow the sells of liquor on Sunday, only a mere two months ago. It’s not recommended for anyone who enjoys fine dining or fresh food, as there is a severe shortage of both.

Samuel, says: 2020

Tulsa is a city in Oklahoma that is filled with many adventures. The beautiful city lights from downtown are not the only thing that gives Tulsa its glow. Whether you’re walking a dog or taking a stroll with family, there are many parks throughout the city that give everyone an opportunity to enjoy Tulsa’s outstanding landscapes.

Tashia, says: 2020

The great city I reside in which is Tulsa, Oklahoma, is also set in Tulsa County. If you are moving to Tulsa, just know the stereotypes are not completely accurate. Religion is a big thing here, but college football seems to be much bigger. However, “Sooner” is just a made up word.

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