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Housing and Real Estate in Springville, Utah

three local experts

Here's what 3 local experts had to say about housing, real estate, apartments, and more in Springville.

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Springville is a small but growing city located just south of a medium-sized metropolitan area. In recent years the city has grown quite a bit, with the addition of a new elementary school and recreation center to satisfy the needs of its growing population. Many new homes are being built near mine and several new businesses and restaurants have also come to this budding community recently.

Rachel, says: 2020

Springville is a beautiful city whose nickname is “Art City.” It has a suburb feel with more homes than businesses, and that helps keep traffic to a minimum. Springville has quick access to the highway and to the canyon. My favorite thing about living in Springville is the people, and they make this city feel like home.

Matthew, says: 2020

Springville is known as “Art City”, due to its famous Springville Art Museum, along the various art installments found throughout the town. It is a beautiful place, but the town is aging. We have had several retirement homes and a mortuary spring up the in the last few years, featured prominently on our Main Street.

Taylor, says: 2020
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