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The History of Ahmedabad, Gujarat

27 local experts

From dinosaurs to explorers to wars, here's what 27 local experts had to say about the history of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat, India. Recently, in 2018, it has been declared as “World Heritage City” by UNESCO. It is also known as Manchester of the East due to innumerable textile mills in the city. Ahmedabad is also famous for its lip-smacking variety of dishes like dhokla, khakra, farsan and Gujarati thalis.

My city is known as one of metro city. Here are so many places to visit for tourist and my city also know as Heritage city as well. The Prime minister of India also belong from my city. We have lots of High rise building as well as forest here.

Amanjot, says: 2020

One of the largest city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is famous for its lifestyle. It is mostly known for its tourist attractions. It is famous for its cotton textiles, street food places, diamond cutting, and much more. One should visit this place I ever possible. Great monuments very hospitable people one feels very welcomed hear and very low crime rates.

Aditya, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is one of the best tourist places. It is a clean city with all the needed facilities available nearby. In Ahmedabad, there are many great ancient monuments to see and experience the beauty of our ancestors. People here are very supportive and good. Here everything is available for everyone. Anyone from anywhere would love this place.

Ahmedabad has been recognized as the world heritage city famous for the “pole culture” and the festival friendly city. Those who move here, people accepts them. If moving here and if you want to take a paying guest at low rates than chose the areas wisely and do visit the old fort city once in your life.

Munira, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is one of the biggest cities of Gujarat. It is famous for its cultural heritage. It is an important educational hub and has good connectivity with many major cities of India. People of Ahmedabad are very friendly. It has been divided into two parts, Old Ahmedabad and new Ahmedabad. Housing in the New developed areas are quite expensive.

Srishti, says: 2020

Ahmedabad the largest city in the state of Gujarat. The Sabarmati River runs through its centre. On the western bank is the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati, which displays the spiritual leader’s living quarters and artifacts. Across the river, the Calico Museum of Textiles, once a cloth merchant’s mansion, has a significant collection of antique and modern fabrics.

Ayeshna, says: 2020

Our city is given the title of UNESCO Heritage City. There are lots of places to visit and along with that our city is also known for its street food and nightlife. Ahmedabad is also safe for night traveling. You can travel late at night without any worries. You will never get bored here. And you can always find a place and jobs to earn money.

Ahmedabad is one of the largest city in Gujarat State. This is one of largest Economic hub in India. My city is Heritage City with Mahatma Gandhi Ashram and 600 years old Mosque. Atmosphere is very friendly. All Ahmedabadis are food lovers with excellent street food. My city is also Textile Hub.

An interesting fact about Ahmedabad is that the sale and consumption of liquor is prohibited in this city. You cannot buy any alcoholic beverages at shops or restaurants. if you like drinking, you won’t be happy here. However, there are plenty of nice cafes where you can enjoy a variety of delicious “mocktails” made from fruit juices, sodas, and other ingredients. There are plenty of sumptuous food options too, particularly vegetarian and vegan ones. Ahmedabad is also known for its history and architecture.

Ahmedabad is a very safe and friendly city. People of ahmedabad are very supportive to each other and very kind. This city has very beautiful zoo in maninagar area. Recently it was declared a world heritage city by UNESCO. Furthermore this city has iconic riverfront to spend some time with your loved ones.

Ashutosh, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is a rich city in terms of heritage and history. It was been chosen as a World Heritage city by UNESCO back in 2017. This was because the walls of buildings in the old city area were built by kings long ago in 1400s. The city has a great nightlife too.

Rikita, says: 2020

Ahmedabad has a different vibe here. People here are friendly, supportive and fun loving. Ahmedabad has everything which one expects from their city in which they live. Not to forget Ahmedabad is India’s first Heritage City. People usually get amazed by the hospitality of ours when they visit Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is a perfect blend of heritage and modernization in India.

Ritesh, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is a historical city. It is in the west side of our country India, in the state of Gujarat and is the largest city in the same. It is famous for it cuisines, and monuments like Shaking Minarets, Sidi Saiyyed Jali. it also has Gandhi Ashram at the western banks of river Sabarmati.

Roshmi, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is one of the best cities in India. Being UNESCO-certified city, there are many monuments to visit in India which includes the iconic Lal-Darwaza. It’s a monument which is famous for endless number of markets and stalls. In Ahmedabad, besides monuments, long lines of vehicles also await you. People are known for breaking rules and all new residents must know this.

Jestina, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is a wonderful city with lot of historical places. People in Ahmedabad are foodies and they are fond of sweet food. Ahmedabad is a major city of Gujarat and here people mostly indulge in Business rather than doing a job. Ahmedabad is a financial capital of Gujarat and one of major station and airport of Gujarat is in Ahmedabad.

Rachana, says: 2020

This city is a beautiful walled city and its also world UNESCO heritage declared city. Sabarmati River divides the city into two zones, east and west. East zone has walled city while west zone has urban creation. Uttarayan, the kite festival is one of the major festival that comes in the mid January month.

Naveeth, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat. It is in western India on the banks of the River Sabarmati. The city served as political and economical capital of the region since its establishment. After independence, the city was a part of Bombay state. When Gujarat was carved out in 1960, it again became the capital of the state until establishment of Gandhinagar in 1965. Ahmedabad is also the cultural and economical centre of Gujarat and the seventh largest city of India.

Kinvali, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is seventh largest city of India. Over years the city has developed from a city of trade and commerce to an important industrial center. City has many important heritage structures to browse around. Ahmedabad has Sabarmati Ashram which was established by Mahatma Gandhi. Ahmedabad has kankaria lake which is oldest lake.

Amrinder, says: 2020

there are gorgeous monuments and its the heaven for the foodie people! Ahmedabad is also very popular for its brand investments from all over the world. This is city is also one of the safest cities across our country, india. Ahmedabad was formerly called Karnavati.

Nikita, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is the largest city in State of Gujarat. This city is endowed with rich heritage. One of the places that is most famous in Ahmedabad city, Sabarmati Ashram is one of the residencies of Mahatma Gandhi. The Mahatma lived in Ahmedabad for twelve long years during India’s freedom struggle. Ahmedabad is widely known as the textile hub of India. As a result, there are loads of great wholesale markets for clothing. The famous public garden in the city. One side of the lush green garden is the market, full of stalls selling handicrafts, jewelry, dresses, accessories and much more.

Ahmedabad is the world’s first heritage city which has some awesome monuments, food, culture, and helpful people. The leader, Mahatma Gandhi started his salt march from Ahmedabad. The world’s biggest cricket stadium is in my city.

Ahmedabad is famous for many things. One of them is Sabarmati Ashram, where Mahatma Gandhi lived. The oldest mosque in the city made in 1414 known for its architecture. The most beautiful and ancient ‘Kankaria Lake’ which is known for its scenery. Kite museum is a must watch for Kite lovers. Science city, which is known for its Imax 3D Theatre and fun park for kids.

Ahmedabad is a heritage city which is declared by UNESCO. There are many historical buildings like Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, Jama masjid, Sarkhej Roza and may more. It is also famous for Gujarati dance form known as Garba. This city is very safe for girls and women and all the festival are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Mohini, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is the largest city and former capital of the Indian state of Gujarat. You need to visit at Sabarmati Ashram, Rani ki vav, kankaria lake, siddi sad ki jaali, Lal Darwaja market, Kite Museum, etc. They are very beautiful historical places to visit in Ahmedabad. There are also very tasty food varieties found in our city at Manek chowk.

Akshay, says: 2020

Ahmedabad recently got the title ‘Heritage City of India’. The old city of Ahmedabad has many regional clusters, Polls, monument etc. Combining these all make Ahmedabad a World Heritage City. Ahmedabad has developed a lot. This historic walled city has now a developed riverfront, malls, gardens giving it a new face.

Lipsha, says: 2020

Ahmedabad is known as Amdavad. It is the largest city in the western Indian state Gujarat. It is famous for its cotton textiles, street food places, diamond cutting, monuments, riverfront, and city life. Ahmedabad is the first city in India to be Inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage City list of 2017.

Raghul, says: 2020
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