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What is downtown like in in St. Louis, Missouri?

four local experts

Does St. Louis have a downtown? Is it vibrant? Is it safe? Here's what four local experts had to say about downtown in St. Louis, Missouri.

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If you’re moving to St.Louis you’re in for a beautiful historic city. For me this city gives you a taste of everything. Good food, plenty of places to hang out like Forest Park or Downtown. All the museums and even the zoo are free to visit. If you’re moving there I suggest you do make yourself aware of the crime rate in the area you are looking to visit or relocate. Safety is always important in a busy city like this. Make sure to try the authentic St.Louis style pizza, ribs and gooey butter cakes!

It’s an affordable city. Nice attractions such as the Central West end downtown St Louis Clayton Missouri and also Bridgeton and Maryland Heights. We have the best pizza, the best Chinese food and we are very family-oriented.

St. Louis is one of the more diverse cities in the Midwest. Saint Louis contains many types of urban landscapes that transition into suburbs as you navigate from the heart of the city. The cuisine in my city is as diverse as the people within, and you’ll find a delicious meal wherever you go.

St. Louis, an overlooked city, is up and coming. People looking in from an outside perspective may not see much, but anyone moving here should know St. Louis has endless options for adventurers and foodies. The best Asian cuisine is on Olive Boulevard. The best burger’s are downtown. The city garners the interest of many musical artists who travel to places such as the Scottrade Center to perform. Free concerts are even available such as during the Fourth of July at Forest Park. Even free movies are a hit with food trucks to assist at Art Hill during summer. Nonetheless, St. Louis has grown and continues to progress as a city. St. Louis isn’t a busted town. It has so much to offer.

Mikayla, says: 2020
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