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St. Louis
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Sports and Athletics in St. Louis, Missouri: What do you need to know?

three local experts

From youth sports to major league teams, here's what three local experts had to say about sports in St. Louis, Missouri.

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St. Louis is a spectacular city with diverse and immersive attractions. The St. Louis Zoo is rated among the most satisfying free attractions available. Additionally, newcomers to the city should be prepared for the widespread love and adoration of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.

Eugene, says: 2020

Saint Louis is a big city in Missouri and is along the Mississippi River. It is known for the Gateway Arch National Park and is home to many sports fans. The Blues and Cardinals are two of the city’s sports teams. Saint Louis has a wide variety of restaurants and music throughout the city as well.

Saint Louis is a city in the Midwest, right in the middle of the United States. It is a large city with a thriving with enthusiastic sports fans that love baseball and hockey. The only negative aspect of Saint Louis is the lack of an efficient public transportation system.

Roxanne, says: 2020
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