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Diversity and Racism in Pune, Maharashtra

ten local experts

Is Pune diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what ten local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Pune, Maharashtra.

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Pune is the known as the Oxford of the east. It is one of the major IT hubs of India. The city is known for its culture, food and diversity. Marathi is the main language spoken here followed by many other languages like Hindi, English, Gujrathi, etc. Pune is also known for its pleasant weather which makes it a popular destination for people to live.

Shazia, says: 2020

pune is a growing metropolitan in the state of Maharashtra. It is unofficially referred to as “The Oxford of the east” for its many numbers and diversity in the educational sector. It is also known the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. One must also know that it has a huge continuous problem of traffic due to great rush in the city and its sprawling IT infrastructure. The city has many places in and around for casual outings on weekends. Its people and social life are though hectic but a perfect example of how a city has its own life.

Khushi, says: 2020

Pune is a metropolitan city and melting pot of various cultures. Anyone moving here will experience food, festivals and rituals of cultures in India. Pune being on high altitude enjoys favourable temperatures from 35-20 degree celsius year-round. It’s really a good place. People in Pune are very welcoming and friendly.

Mukund, says: 2020

Pune is a city of heritage. It has a peasant weather. The people are helpful. The city is quite inclusive when it comes to festivals and celebrations. It has a big IT hub. it also known as a city of intelligents. It has good infrastructure. The lifestyle of the people here is quite simple. People are rooted with the culture and values.

Shahul, says: 2020

Pune is an educational hub. Many come here to pursue higher studies. The people here believe in unity in diversity. Pune is well known for its heritage like ancient places e.g., Shaniwar wada, Aga Khan palace, Sinhagad palace, etc. Pune is surrounded by mountains and hence the weather here is a perfect one for those who wish to stay in serenity.

Aniket, says: 2020

Pune follows strict rules of punctuality and discipline. it is wonderful city in all means. Education is the most important pillar for building up the city. People fall in love very quickly with the city. It is a social hub in Maharashtra, with people from different castes and creeds.

Abhishek, says: 2020

Pune is a beautiful city with a pleasant climate and a vibrant culture. For a newcomer, especially someone from out of Maharashtra, it may seem intimidating at first but the people are very welcoming and the multicultural population soon puts one at ease. It has a rich historical background and a lot of castles’ stand in and around Pune as evidence to this fact. The food scene here is very diverse as well.

Pune City is known for its amazing environment. The city is also known for its best Educational Institutes in India. The people are so friendly and are ready to help each other in any difficult situation no matter what Caste, Creed, Gender, Religion he/she belongs. The weather of the city throughout the year is best among the rest of the districts in Maharashtra. It’s a Hub for software developers.

In the state of warriors, i. e Maharashtra, Pune is famous for its rich culture and growing economy. It is called the silicon valley of Maharashtra providing a large number of IT sectors, educational institutes and automobile hub. Apart from the globalized culture, the city attracts different from the country for its beautiful and historical tourist attractions. The tales of the brave warrior Shivaji Maharaja are still popular among the indigenous people of the state and people still follow the rich culture of their hero.

Nabeel, says: 2020

Pune is cosmopolitan city due to its migrant population. Students come here to study and then they find jobs. With a pleasant climate and safe environment, they subsequently bring their families here. This adds to the cultural diversity of this city. Hills, rivers, parks, temples, and other entertainment opportunities make Pune a preferred location for many people.

Joslin, says: 2020
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