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Banking and Finance in Islamabad: What do you need to know?

four local experts

From retail banking to investing, here's what four local experts had to say about finance in Islamabad.

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Islamabad consists of multiple tourist spots from Faisal masjid to Neel Kund. Its over all a peaceful place, where people don’t believe in staying up late. They are early risers and early sleepers. People here are well mannered and literate. My advice to someone moving here would be to have savings because living cost in Islamabad is quite high. Every cuisine is available here but it is expensive.

Zainab, says: 2020

Islamabad is the Federal Capital of Pakistan. The city was brought into being in 1960, and is one of the few cities of the world, for which a proper master-plan had been devised. It is one of the main global-hubs of the country as it has been exposed to many cultures of the world over the years. It’s a tranquil city unlike most other urban cities of the world, with less traffic and a clean, green environment. Property has become quite expensive in recent years here, so check your bank before moving in.

Kashif, says: 2020

There are many sectors in Islamabad. If someone wants to live in a peaceful environment then sector E-11 would be a good choice. If one has a low budget and cannot afford high rate flats then I-10 is a good option. whoever is planning to live in Islamabad then they should go for sectors despite remote areas of Islamabad like Barakhau or Chatta Bakhtawar.

Muhammad, says: 2020

The weather of this city is extremely unreliable. Cost of living is higher, so one must plan his/her budget accordingly. The culture and traditions of this city are eastern, it is, therefore, requested to all visitors to respect the culture.

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