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Living in Wrocław, Poland:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

four local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Wrocław, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked four people living in Wrocław what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:


4 comments on “Wrocław”

Wroclaw is a very international city, however, anyone moving to the country in general should know they will need to have at least some knowledge of the Polish language. All expats are expected to register with the local government upon their arrival, and being able to communicate in Polish makes this process a lot less stressful.

Jyotirmoyee, says: 2020

Wroclaw is a beautiful city in the south of Poland. It lies on the river named Odra and has a rich history. you should be ready to pay a high rate of rent. Altogether, finding a flat in Wroclaw is no easy task. I would also recommend to at least learn some basics of the polish language, which can be difficult if you are not familiar with any other Slavic languages. I’d advise applying for a bank account, considering almost all banks in Poland provide useful apps where you can quickly make necessary transactions, pay your phone bills, rent, buy tram tickets on the go. Also, I’d like to mention that Wroclaw is a city full of students due to good universities, and you also can find lots of career opportunities since many multinational corporations prefer to base their offices here. To sum up, Wroclaw is a great city, but it still has its challenges.

Paweł, says: 2020

As soon as you enter this magic place you can feel the charming atmosphere of post-war buildings elegantly renovated into modern restaurants, banks or libraries. There are a few rivers here so we boast an amazing number of beautiful bridges and perfect views onto the rivers. One of the remarkable sights of Wroclaw is its dwarf figurines. There are plenty of them in different city parts.

Stephen, says: 2020

One of the most important things one should keep in mind when moving to Wrocław is that during summer, it is quite difficult to live in an apartment near the city center, as the circulation of air is terrible due to the way the buildings are placed. Instead, I would advise to look for an apartment further away, for instance in Biskupin district, which is surrounded by beautiful greenery, there is a river nearby, and the city has very well designed tram tracks so it is easy and convenient to get anywhere you want, and most importantly, very quickly!

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