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What's weather like in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh?

three local experts

Does Anantapur get rain? Snow? Hail? What's summer weather like? Here's what three local experts had to say about weather and precipitation in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.

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Anantapur is the largest district in Andhra Pradesh. It is the second most drought prone district in India next to Jaisalmer located in Rajasthan. Anantapur has the great historical background and has prominent historical visiting places like Lepakshi, Gooty fort, Puttaparthi Satya Sai temple, Tadipatri temples. KIA is the world famous car manufacturing company which India’s unit is located in Anantapur.

Shriya, says: 2020

it is in the Deccan Plateau of Southern India. Talking about Anantapur, it’s always so hot, exposed to the scorching sun most of the day; and by this one can expect a shortage of water. Next, the people are so helpful that they even prioritize your requirement to theirs. This is the succinct intro to my city.

Archita, says: 2020

Anantapur is a drought area with lashing sun heat during summer. One can experience less rainfall, which is not suitable for farming. During summer most people prefer to remain home rather than burning in the scorching heat. Besides, one can taste delicious foods that we’re famous for.

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