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Is Ormoc City, Leyte a good place to live? How is the quality of life?

three local experts

While quality of life is something of an elusive or ill-defined concept, it can be boiled down to "Is Ormoc City a good place to live?" or "Is Ormoc City a bad place to live?" Here's what three local experts had to say about quality of life and overall happiness in Ormoc City, Leyte.

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our city, Ormoc, has a nice and hospitable citizens. One could be more happy moving here and he/she could feel comfortable staying here. If one could move here and stayed at the heart of the city, he/she could freely roam around it if he/she wants to go out or buy the things that he/she wanted.

Cherry, says: 2020

The person that wants to move to this prosperous city should consider how does he/she fits and can make his life more comfortable knowing what is the standard cost of living in here. He should see to it that he can have a job and create a good career for himself. He should also consider and know first the economic growth, political state, rates of crime, and the opportunities such as businesses that can make him more progressive to achieve things that he wants.

Our city is not that big but it will make you feel amazed how clean and well the city is, you can see and feel how great our society is and how beautiful the people of ormoc city is. We may not have the most to be the a wonderful city but living here can make you feel contented and happy.

Chielo, says: 2020
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