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The Pros and Cons of Living in Makati City, Metro Manila

five local experts

They go by many names (pluses and minuses, advantages and disadvantages, etc.) but pros and cons are vital to consider when moving. Here's what five local experts report about what they like and dislike about living in Makati City, Metro Manila.

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Makati is indeed a prime city. It is one of the best income generating cities in the Metro and has a lot to offer. There are malls and job opportunities everywhere. And one thing I like here, if you feel hungry in the middle of the night, there’s gotta be one right near you where you can get a bite of whatever you crave for. But what do you need to know if you are considering to move here? First off, get ready for traffic. If you’re a student or is currently working, you have to really get early to prepare and run to start your day on time. Second, if you are to rent here, make sure you are prepared for a big chunk of the payment being swiped out from your pocket every month. Truth be told, if your salary or budget is not that much, it will be hard to save here monthly. But of course, that’s up to you later on to play around with your budget and avoid making ends meet. Finally, if you wish to stay here for a long period of time, make sure to comply with the requirements of the city to take advantage of the benefits as one of what they call a “Makatizen”.

If someone would like to move to my city, there is a lot he/she should consider. One example is the bad traffic specifically during the rainy season. I would advise to get an apartment or unit walkable to their workplace, groceries, hospitals, etc. Dealing with traffic everyday is so tiring and horrible.

Wilmalyn, says: 2020

A new resident in my city should know the different regulation in the area. He should know the different benefits when living in Makati, most especially, if he is a student. There is free education together with free school materials. Aside from that, there is a tight security in the area and safe space for people.

Makati City is one of the business capital place in the Philippines. in makati we do have lots of benefits in terms of Medical Services, Educational needs or Financial needs. Leaving here really makes you feel proud and blessed by the way how this government staff here organized and manage all the aspect from cleanliness to benefits and other programs and projects that they were doing. There were lots of things in which you can easily access like having this makati portal where you get your financial benefits through automated machine.

Consider moving to a house that is somewhat close to their job for traffic in here is bad. And in cases of them having children, it would be best to enroll them in public schools because the students will receive great benefits from the city which includes: free school supplies, uniform, books, and even a bag of groceries every Christmas.

Jayson, says: 2020
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