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Parks, Recreation, and Greenspace in Davao City, Davao Del Sur

eight local experts

From neighborhood playgrounds to flagship parks, what does Davao City have to offer? Here's what eight local experts had to say about parks and greenspace in Davao City, Davao Del Sur.

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Davao City is one of the cleanest and most organized cities in the country. Strict rules are followed by its citizens. Like when crossing the road, you should only do so in a pedestrian lane. A “No Smoking” policy is implemented in public vehicles and in parks. Also, vehicle speed limits are strictly enforced.

Davao City is the city where the current president of the Philippines lives. He served as the mayor for how many years in Davao. This city is also one of the cleanest and safest city in Asia. It is also popular for the fruits such as durian, banana and mangosteen. Dabawenyos are disciplined and hospitable. There are also many tourist spots such as parks and beaches where you can enjoy the view with family.

Davao City is such a great place. First, everybody is safe, lots of tourist attractions such as Eden nature park, Malagos Gardens, White beaches like Samal Island Davao City, Yummy delicacies like Durian fruit the king of fruits, and more. You can also try the davao famous restaurant for there most affordable and most delicious davao cuisines ever!

The city is a crime-free city. There are so many things to enjoy here such as the durian fruit and the Kadayawan Festival. Rents here are inexpensive and affordable, and the city itself is keeping itself clean and environmentally friendly. Recreational facilities (i. e malls, gyms, cinema, bars, KTVs, restaurants, playgrounds, parks, etc.) are also available here.

Alliah, says: 2020

Davao is one of the known and most urbanized cities in the Philippines. It is a relatively safe city where you can walk along the streets at night without any worries. In the city, there are a lot of malls, coffee shops, and a whole lot of other places you can go to for leisure. Most importantly, Davao is home to a lot of tourist attractions such as beaches and nature parks.

Nathaniel, says: 2020

Davao City, also known as “The Land of Promise” is a highly urbanized city in Mindanao, Philippines. It is said to be one of the safest city around the globe. The active volcano, Mount Apo is found in this city and it is the highest Filipino peak. We also have an animal park with various shows and exhibits like Davao Crocodile Park, spacious public park and botanical gardens like People’s Park Davao and eagle conservation center with tours, none other than Philippine Eagle Centre. These are just a few of the famous tourist spots in Davao City that are surely worth.

Gesselle, says: 2020

It is our president’s hometown. know the different beautiful spots like beaches, gardens, caves, etc. He or she must be experienced on trekking as our place have many mountains that everyone can go anytime. People here are very hospitable and welcoming. They can explain to you other things you want to know more about.

our place is abundant with friendly people. Also, it is a very popular place known to have many kinds of fruits that taste delicious. If you want to go for leisure, you can explore our malls, parks, or eat at some irresistible restaurants. During night, you can have fun like bar hopping and disco or even drink inside bars with music and live bands.

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