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What is downtown like in in Davao City, Davao Del Sur?

seven local experts

Does Davao City have a downtown? Is it vibrant? Is it safe? Here's what seven local experts had to say about downtown in Davao City, Davao Del Sur.

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Davao City is one of the safest and culturally open cities in the Philippines. Moving in here, you can find lots of people from different cultures and countries living amongst each other in an accepting way. It is an urban city that is bustling and has many wonderful infrastructures.

Louisa, says: 2023

It is safe to live here. Davao is beautiful and people are nice but honestly it is getting slightly congested downtown due to traffic because of small roads and the growing economy. Our Mayor is doing her best in governing the city.

Samuel, says: 2020

Our City is one of the most quiet and peaceful places on earth. The best place and has tons of beautiful places that you can go to. Friendly people and easy access to downtown. You will never regret living in this City, trust me!

Monique, says: 2020

Have a lot of money if you want to live downtown. However, if they prefer clean air to breathe in then they consider buying a property in the rural areas where the prices are cheap. It’s a good thing to know some of the cultures here to avoid misunderstandings especially if you’re not from this country. When you ask for a direction of the place that you wanted to go, instead of pointing their fingers, people here would tend to point using their lips. It would be bad not to understand the context of our own way or gesture of guiding someone.

Compared to Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines, it is a more disciplined city. The government is strict in implementing rules resulting in a more democratic and peaceful city. If you’re a person looking to live a peaceful life in an urban area, move to Davao.

Minerva, says: 2020

Our city has strict rules. Smoking in public is prohibited. You can only smoke in your own house. Also, if you have a car or plan to buy one, you must remember that the local government has reduced the speed limit to 30 kph within the downtown.

Jerome, says: 2020

Davao City is filled with numerous landmarks and customs which may pique anyone’s interest. With the urban setting needed to ensure connectivity with the world while not being the center of attention like the nation’s capital, Davao hosts a balance between cultural heritage and modernization that is unique to the cities of the Philippines.

Ingrid, says: 2020
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